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Intellectual  Enlightenment

Intellectual enlightenment is rather critical to societal growth and development.

Information technology plays a critical role in business growth and development (Rivlin, 1992). The adoption and use of technology in running businesses have become more ubiquitous over the last decade as business settings become increasingly transformed. The advances in technology and its subsequent incorporation in various firms is grounded in the framework of transforming business into world class companies that are in tandem with the fast changing technological world. The reasons for this are not particularly hard to comprehend given the myriad of benefits that have been associated with the adoption of such technologies. Technological development brought tremendous improvement in the running of business enterprises over the world. The advent of computers and computer software has further precipitated the efficient running and development businesses processes.

Importance of Intellectual  Enlightenment

Human beings have unlimited wants; therefore, the principle of choice is quite important in decision making. This activity is possible through intellectual enlightenment. Education and awareness are, therefore, critical for the society. The dream of choice is evident in the way Americans conduct their business and trade due to intellectual enlightenment. Free trade, which is informed by the principle of choice, creates economic dynamism by enhancing liberty, possibilities, and welfare that provides each citizen with advantages. During the las decade, America has displayed the force of free trade principles. Free trade helps in curbing indigence and goes a long way in enabling even the poorest countries to establish their own economic welfare. However, in spite of all the contradictory facts, the critics of free trade claim that employment opportunities that emerged due to globalization are frequently less durable than the standards of living eliminated by it. This claim assumes that some kind of agricultural utopia formerly existed in less developed countries and that their citizens may not receive the profits of financial growth. The Industrial Revolution has set a firm ground for free trade and enhanced opportunity in all economic spheres (Kennedy, 2001). In addition, free trade has created ground for societal and democratic development in a way that would not have been possible formerly. Although history stipulates that this current era of free trade and market globalization might face certain challenges, resolutions will depend on the force of innovation and technological development.

Creativity and novelty are the concepts of the “American dream”, which is enshrined in the minds of people (Tian,  2009). Americans believe that new products broaden consumers’ purchasing power and knowledge about innovations. In this regard, the society should always create new goods and products as it is one of the American dreams. Novelty creates trade and economic development but it should be carried out in an ethical way that embraces the concept of human dignity and not consumerism. In addition, the concept of novelty propels people to social mobility and stardom, which the Americans believe in.

Social Empowerment

Social development is quite important in any society. This is because social cohesion and cultural understanding call for social education. In order to achieve this, the community needs develop awareness on how to live harmoniously with each in peace. People should be educated on their rights and privileges in the society through education and awareness creation (Lawless, & Pellegrino, 2007).


Religion also plays a critical role in any community (Wright, 2012). This is because it draws people together. Therefore, spiritual nourishment is critical for effective development.  God as a supernatural being or divine power is a unifying factor to many people in various communities. Therefore, people should be encouraged to seek spiritual nourishment of their choice as long as it connects them to the supernatural power of God.

Community Education. Custom Community Education Essay Writing Service || Community Education Essay samples, help

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