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There are many proverbs in different languages that define the importance of various fields of study. The most truthful for me is the one about the science, which would not lead to the forest: every science has its input into the general knowledge ocean. At the same time, there are many discussions about the need of newly appeared humanitarian sciences branches, such as Management, Communication, Human Resource, Public Relations.

In this essay, by presenting a couple of arguments, I would like to explain why my chosen field of study is really important, although it undergoes the prejudiced group of educational areas. I will argue that Mass Communication has the most essential and primary need for the whole education system and for the further development of science as well.

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Although Mass Communication has comparatively recent history, it became an inseparable part of human’s life on both personal and societal, or global level. People use Mass Media in our daily activities not only to satisfy their interests but also to become more aware of the news which help them to understand, for example, various social conflicts, the reasons for economic and financial crisis, for whom to vote in future elections to change the country for the better, etc.

With the development of modern technologies, our society demand faster decision-making, and, thus negotiation processes have to be improved by new methods of interpersonal communication. However, it does not only mean that only developed countries are to raise their standards even higher, and the developing communities are to stay outboard. That is why mass communication plays an important role in enlightening the masses and improving the quality of their lives.

Mass communication is not only promoted by the universities attracting more students to apply. They also explain its main goals and directions this major will take. For example, the College of Arts & Science of Miami University explains to potential students and all interested that Mass Communication “examines the processes, institutions and effects of the media as they function in national and international contexts” (College of Arts & Science).

The College identifies three goals which complement each other: developing of the students’ competence, increasing their appreciation of media communication history, and their understanding of its general impact on policies, institutions, and culture.

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The main idea of this communication practice is not only to develop students’ critical thinking by studying various media issues in order to be able to analyse them from different approaches, but also to apply gained knowledge to practice having internships with various types of professional media establishments.

Mass Communication not only informs, but provokes innovative thoughts that can change the society cardinally. Those who are exposed to mass media change their attitudes to surrounding world due to the new cognition of unknown material and, thus individual growth and development.

Internet, Television, and Radio are used almost by everybody, although the latter is taken into consideration less by the young generation, since they prefer Internet to any other one. However, one can hardly imagine the life without any means of mass communication.

It is important to remember that media does not only educate people. It can also provoke them for action. For example, advertisements about donations to various charities help to make the world better by saving the planet. For that reason, Mass Communication unites the whole nation.

I plan to continue my studies by going into Public Relations. This combination of knowledge will be the best to promote mutual understanding among others and, thus influence the majority for the better. It is not only important to write about news, but also to know how to spread it effectively so that it concerns the broadest range of the audience. 

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As nowadays we became dependent on mass communication, we have to switch this dependence from entertainment and politics to more serious issue, such as environmental problems and their avoidance, education of unskilled rural communities, undiscovered science, agriculture, etc.

The main thing is to realize, that Mass refers to a large number of people and we have to control what and how we are spreading both orally and in written form, as by communicating we are not only improving our skills, but also changing the society’s vision of the world. For this reason, I am convinced that Mass Communication is important to study not only for socialization of individuals, but for the influence of people’s perceptions and behaviours on much higher level as well. For that reason, Public Relations major has to be included in further education if the person seriously wants to make a change in the society for the better.

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