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Imagining Disaster, Imagining Hope. Custom Imagining Disaster, Imagining Hope Essay Writing Service || Imagining Disaster, Imagining Hope Essay samples, help

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Today the human life is based only on Earth, out of other nine planets. But the question arouses that For How Long Will Earth Survive? The Earth, and the Life on it is facing very major disasters and weather circumstances and it will face major challenges in the coming years also. Disaster jeopardizes the life base of the community and leaves in it the withering and crushing poverty. Some of the Disasters do not threaten the human life on earth, while many of them are threatening and they will sinister the life on Earth if any rapid action is not taken. The worst Disaster can make this Earth a blister place to survive on, all of the life will disappear and will go forth. In the end we will be left with nothing and the earth will turn into the Hell due to burning by the sun when it will expand in the far future.Causes of Disasters:  The main cause of Disasters is the Change in Climate.The figure below will illustrate the basic components that influence the state of Earth's Climatic System:Changes in the state of this system can occur externally (from extraterrestrial systems) or internally (from ocean, atmosphere and land systems) through any one of the described components.For example, an external change may involve a variation in the Sun's output which would externally vary the amount of solar radiation received by the Earth's atmosphere and surface.
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Internal variations in the Earth's climatic system may be caused by changes in the concentrations of atmospheric gases, mountain building, volcanic activity, and changes in surface or atmospheric Albedo.The common phenomenons that can result in natural disaster are: Blizzards and snowstorms, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic, Famine, Forest fire, Hailstorm, Heat wave, Hurricanes, Ice storm, Lahar, Landslides and mudslides, Sinkholes, Tornado, Tsunami, Volcanic, Eruption.Natural disaster - Extreme natural disasters
Ice ageImpact eventSolar flareVolcanoesHow Did It Develop?The factors which are included in the climatic change are following:Variations in the Earth's orbital characteristics.Atmospheric carbon dioxide variations.Volcanic eruptionsVariations in solar output.Variations in the Earth's orbital characteristics The Milankovitch theory suggests that normal cyclical variations in three of the Earth's orbital characteristics are probably responsible for some climatic change.The basic idea behind this theory assumes that over time these three cyclic events vary the amount of solar radiation that is received on the Earth's surface.

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As the Milankovitch Theory states, there are three elements that occur which are affecting the amount of radiation the Earth receives.Those three elements are:The first cyclical variation, known as eccentricity, controls the shape of the Earth's orbit around the Sun.The orbit gradually changes from being elliptical to being nearly circular and then back to elliptical in a period of about 100,000 years.The greater the eccentricity of the orbit (i.e., the more elliptical it is), the greater the variation in solar energy received at the top of the atmosphere between the Earth's closest (perihelion) and farthest (aphelion) approach to the Sun.Obliquity describes the tilt of the Earth's axis with respect to the sun.Obliquity is also known as axial tilt or referred to as the tilt of the Earth's axis.The obliquity of the Earth is responsible for the four seasons we experience.Currently, the Earth's axis is tilted at 23.4%u2070.The degree of tilt through the Earth's history has varied between 21.5%u2070 to 24.5%u2070Precession describes the change in orientation of the Earth's rotational axis in respect to the stars and sun. (23,000 years cyclic variation)Worst Natural Disasters in Past:Cold weather in Iceland from 1753 and 1759 caused 25% of the population to die from crop failure and famine (A severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death).Newspapers in New England were calling 1816 the year without a summer.In the 1930s and 1950s, the central United States experience two periods of extreme drought.Proxy and instrumental data indicate that 2005 was the warmest year globally in 1200 years of Earth history.The year 1999 was a miserable year for the people living in Venezuela and Mexico because it brought severe, crushing and withering disasters in the form of Landslides, Annihilating Earthquakes to Turkey and Taiwan. Moreover, it brought massive floods and coastal storm erosion in the United States resulting in the loss of lives of huge number of people and it impacted the Economy as well in a pixilated and horrendous way.Ash column generated by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo on June 12, 1991.The strongest eruption of Mount Pinatubo occurred three days later on June 15, 1991.Many scientists believe the warmer temperatures of the 20th and 21st centuries are being caused by the human enhancement of the Earth's Greenhouse Effect.The cost of natural disasters is increasing day by day in the 21st century due to the increment in the growth rate of population because of which people are moving towards the areas that are more violable and attackable to Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruption, Land Slides, Hurricanes, droughts and famines.

Imagining Disaster, Imagining Hope. Custom Imagining Disaster, Imagining Hope Essay Writing Service || Imagining Disaster, Imagining Hope Essay samples, help

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