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The earthquakes pattern in the United States as per my view from the National Seismic Hazard maps of 2008 is uneven. The eastern end is more prone to the earthquakes due to the greater concentration of the yellow color, which is an indicator of high levels of likeliness of earthquakes happening on that end as opposed to the other regions in the United States of America. California is the most risky area because the yellow coloring is more than on the other areas. It is followed by Oregon in the second place as far as the earthquake possibility of occurrence is concerned. Washington too has a likeliness of being faced by earthquakes as well as some parts of Idaho and Nevada, Utah and Arizona respectively as per the National seismic hazard map. Earthquakes may as well strike the regions around Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri as well as Arkansas and Mississippi in addition to Alabama and Georgia in the near future.However, the other areas of the continent are partially prone to earthquake risk with the areas such as Wisconsin and Minnesota being completely free from many future earthquake risks. This is a clustered pattern. The color that covers my home place is yellow. Being a resident of North California the area that is covered by the greater amount of yellow coloration, my residence is subjected to the greatest risk ever. The area as high risk of being struck by earthquakes in the future days. This is because the National Seismic Hazard map shows that the area has the biggest potential in the United States. Due to this, my family is subjected to risks that are strong to advocate for the shifting of residence to other least affected areas. The deep yellow coloration makes the place to be subjected to a very high risk of future earthquakes and seismic force actions. North California is thus an area that is in a greater magnitude subjected to future earth tremors that will lead to the loss of lives as well as the relative structural aspects due to the high potential of experiencing future earthquakes.The global earthquake pattern is linear. This is because the areas that have experiences earthquakes in the past seven days are within a particular stretch, which mostly is the western side of Asia continent. Along Asian continent and Australia, their greater frequencies of earthquake occurrences in a linear pattern as compared to the scattered pattern in Africa and South America.
At North America, a clustered pattern is the better type to describe the earthquake pattern experienced in the region. It is therefore realistic to conclude that the global earthquake pattern is linear due to its concentration in certain areas while the others are completely free from earthquakes.
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One of the Earthquakes happened in Tonga. This was in December 3rd of the year 2010 at around 06:30:50 UTC. It had a magnitude of 4.9 and covered a depth of 117.9 miles at 18.147 degrees on the south and 175.217 degrees towards the western end.
I am not willing to live in any of the red areas that are indicated on the map. This is because I prefer to stay in areas that are free from any unpredicted risks such as earthquakes hence my family and I will not be subjected to particular risks. The effects of earthquakes are long to overcome because they result to deformities and disabilities if one manages to survive death. Due to this and other repercussions of the earthquakes, I am therefore not ready to live in the red areas, which have high earthquake frequencies.
First, I will ensure that my family members are ware of the actions to take in an earthquake incidence.

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For example ducking on strong furniture as opposed to running to the door whose swing may result to serious injuries (Simon, 2006). More over I will ensure enough emergency supplies are in place and all members are aware of the instance to use them and the reason behind its usage. Their must be sufficient medications for emergency and first aid. I will ensure we have enough packed food in the house at all times and a barbeque to enable us cook in the outdoors as well as ensure the family house is fitted with wrenches to turn off any gas supplies and water in an earthquake instance. Embracing the USGS preparedness resources and strategies will be able to save my family from greater effects in case an earthquake strikes.The two most destructive earthquakes are the one located in Shaanxi in China with other 830,000 deaths and the second one still happened in china and resulted to the death of 255,000 citizens (Hough, 2004). Science power and ability to predict earthquakes is insignificant. It has not yet been able to notify of greater magnitude Earthquakes thus its ability is not a practical approach to relay on for the Earthquakes predictions.Some of the seismological tools are seismograph machine, Trucks, planes, and computers. These machines were developed to facilitate the collection and recording of the earth vibrations. The high earthquake frequencies must be the factor that led to the development of such machines in addition to the fact that these machines were meant to record earth vibrations at time they happened due to the prior lack of a retrieval place after the vibrations. This energy is different from the other. This is because it is a supernatural energy that is hard to control. This is as opposed to the calorie energy that is easy to control with science. The two energies are similar in the sense that they are all able to facilitate the ability to do work if well tapped.

Dangerous and Natural Energy. Custom Dangerous and Natural Energy Essay Writing Service || Dangerous and Natural Energy Essay samples, help

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