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1.1  The data for this task was derived from O'Malley, Johnston, and Bachman (1997) article, 'Alcohol use among adolescent.' This reports shows, "prevalence of having used alcohol and of having been drunk in the past 30 days among various demographics subgroups of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in 1997" (p.86).The data elements represented include:a)      Genderü  Maleü  Femaleb)      Region of Countryü  Northeast
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ü  North centralü  Southü  Westc)      Population Density (MSA-Metropolitan Statistical Area)ü  Large MSAü  Other MSAü  Non-MSAd)     Parental Educationü  Lowü  Medium Lowü  Mediumü  Medium highü  Highe)      Family Structureü  Two parentsü  One or no parentf)       Race/Ethnicityü  African-Americanü  White

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ü  HispanicThese data elements represent the diverse factors which are essentially used to analyse the changes in variables affecting the habitual intake of alcohol among the adolescents.1.2  Frequency TableThe frequency table is available on the excel workbook: sheet 4. The items have similar occurring frequencies, which suggests that the trend of observed in the 30 day prevalence of alcohol use is similar for all grades.A.    HistogramFirst, there is need to divide the above data into representative ranges for the grades. However since the frequencies are elementally similar it is not possible to generate a histogram in this case due to the relative difficulty involved in plotting similar frequencies and column widths.B.     Cumulative Frequency ChartLet us consider cumulative frequency chart for Gender (male), Region (West), Population density (MSA for Low), Family Structure (having both parents), and Ethnicity (White). The upper class boundaries for each representative range will be established then these correlated with cumulative frequencies for chosen variables.Upper Class BoundaryHigh Parental Education

Decision Making Tools. Custom Decision Making Tools Essay Writing Service || Decision Making Tools Essay samples, help

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