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The social learning theory asserts that behaviors are obtained in similar ways and may entail values, norms as well as patterns of manners that are favorable to crime. This indicates that crime is something that may be learned and individuals may acquire this knowledge from others. Generally, criminal actions are as a result of the social setting and not an innate distinctiveness of a given individual (Schmalleger, 2010).

This learning theory leads to behaviors that are attained via molding or punishment and rewards. For instance, when it comes to serial murders, learning theory proposes that such offenders acquired the idea of killing by observing others or via a gradual procedure of being remunerated for destructive behavior. An imperative element within the present-day criminological theory conglomerates sociological and psychological approaches in the social learning theory. This structure is founded upon the plain discovery that manners are often formulated subsequent to the observed behaviors of others. Individuals tend to observe others succeed or fail in meeting their desires and needs (Schmalleger, 2010). In due course, one tends to duplicate the demonstrated prosperous strategies while disregarding the unfortunate choices. As long as these role models are persons who subscribe to honest ways of attaining their objectives, social learning cultivates positive manners in them.

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of circumstances that can result to negative endings. A number of youngsters are brought up in families in which forcefulness is employed as a way of attaining wishes. Abusive relatives instill in these youngsters the ferocious behavior as acceptable. Sons develop the notion that males are anticipated to act violently whereas girls acknowledge that to be the bearer of such violence is the custom (Schmalleger, 2010). In the same way, while still in this tender age, these youths habitually substitute their peers for parents who act as their major role models. As pubescent masculinity is regularly articulated in deeds rather than cerebral happenings, boys every so often act out for the sake of being praised by other older males as well as by reactions from teenage girls. Due to this, adult males ought to direct their forceful behavior into communally recognized outlets like career and work as well as sports activities. From this perspective, social theory plays a crucial role in influencing the criminal behavior of an individual.

Criminology. Custom Criminology Essay Writing Service || Criminology Essay samples, help

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