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Though the essay “Racism in the English Language” is over 3 decades old, it is undisputable that its authenticity and reality has soured in the recent past. The recent media blitz has brought to attention the racial elements in the society today.

The naming of a hunting camp, “Niggerhead”, that was at one point leased by American aspiring president’s father, Rick Perry, proved that the roots of racism had been still rooted in the society. The word has been seen as insensitive and tending towards racist. This fact was pointed out by Herman Cain, Perry’s presidential seat rival.

Moore had predicted that there were four main racist language users among the American society. They included the bigots, entertainment producers for theatre and movies, politicians and employers. Moore’s main aim was to determine how and who promoted racism in the American language in order to come up with a remedy to eliminate racism in the American society.

Obvious Bigots

Moore points out that they provide the largest group of people who use racist words and phrases. Words such as “spook”, “nigger”, “spic” among others have been subdued in the recent past but are obviously still in use. Words such as “gook," "Chink" and "slant%u2011eyes" were intensively used during the American war against the Vietnamese by the American troops thus promoting racism and bigotry. This was highly publicized by the popular TV show, Archie Bunker, which made a lot of reference to the American-Vietnamese war.

Movies and film producers

In his work, Moore is disgruntled by the use of the words black and dark in America. Although they are at times used very positively, he points out how movies and films have continually used the blacks to represent evil, villains and predators in contrast with whites who represent good, heroes and victims respectively. The use of color in paintings and storytelling has been effective but has been highly damaged which has resulted to the killing of reality to promote entertainment and destroy race relations.

Employers and politicians

Employers and politicians, according to Moore, have continually deprived the African American and the Hispanic indirectly. By noting that they are “well dressed,” “well qualified” among others suggests that this status was not obvious but came by as a surprise, showing their inferiority. White politicians referring to third-world people as “natives,” “tribes,” or “uneducated” narrows down to disapproval.


The reality of Moore’s work has risen in the recent timers, despite the advanced age of his article. However, some changes in technology to create color TV sets have reduced the simple black and white notion and try to give the reality. Furthermore, the presence of a Black American as the US president has continually reduced the inferiority and extent of racism in the country. This invites more people to take up higher positions in the country with no regard to their race or pedigree. It would also serve right to enquire from the successful people on how they made it through such a prejudiced society. Their experiences could help in devising the methods of suppressing racism.

I also feel that Moore would agree with any other strategies that have been used to cope up with the stigma. Such successful strategies that have been used successfully include overlooking the racial insults, forgiving the abusers, thinking positively and promotion of the self esteem of the abused. Finally, the social Golden rule that demands one to do unto others what they would like them to do unto him should be promoted and advocated for to people of all races.

A Response to Robert Moore. Custom A Response to Robert Moore Essay Writing Service || A Response to Robert Moore Essay samples, help

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