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History of Science. Custom History of Science Essay Writing Service || History of Science Essay samples, help

Many people are driven and enthused by success tales, recipes and commendations of others. Success, even though it is not yours, feels pleasant. It feels comfy. One lives in that moment and wants to remain in it. Many people on the other hand, are scared of failure. They bury their failures. They try to disregard them. People mostly attach their botches to a bad luck, an out-of-control coincidence or an incident. Very few people openly admit a letdown; even less their role in it. What people do not essentially know is that dread of failure rescinds any possibility for a conceivable victory in future. What people also might not know is that botch breed’s success and many successful scientists failed first before realizing success (Kuhn 1996).   

In history, science and technology have gone alongside many paths which ended up being dead-ends. Science has numerous shunned theories and archaic hypotheses such as phlogiston, alchemy, universal ether, and more (Bronowski 1991).  They botched the realism test and were put aside, sporadically turning up in fictional stories and impractical websites. Some technologists use science, to expound or deduce social and traditional phenomena (North 1995). Sam Harris, for instance, says (absolutely disregarding the cultural, spiritual and social traits) the religious conviction is certainly a botched science, and hopes that education information, and science will remedy this state (Boorstin 1996).

In the contemporary world even renowned scientists are inclined to to making contentions and extrapolations; these cannot be validated. A stimulating case in point is Paul Ehrlich, a world-distinguished entomologist who unsuccessfully extrapolates about the environment, for instance, he claims there is no evidence that global warming is real. This is still clearly slurring significant scientific research and obtainable practical data (Nye 2002). There are also cases such as polemic surrounding innovation of element 118; when scientists intentionally fabricate phony data to back their theories and contentions; but all these bumpy roads and blank paths were not taken in futile (Agassi 2007). Major inventions and discoveries in science and technology, if not all, ensued by merry coincidence (radioactivity theory by Marie Curie); unexpected development (Arpanet and Internet) or in the progress of pursuing a simply different objective (unanticipated case of baring penicillin by Alexander Fleming) (Lindberg 2010).

Failure is every tad as much a fragment of strategy as success. Realizing when to give in or lose a minor battle, has been part of the triumph strategy of every key battle ever tussled. The trick is in distinguishing what truly matters, and under no circumstances letting go of that.  Failure and success are two sides of an identical coin. One cannot be minus the other. Many triumphant scientists failed first before realizing success.

History of Science. Custom History of Science Essay Writing Service || History of Science Essay samples, help

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