The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

The "The Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy was formulated over a decade ago as an operation against homosexuality that required gay soldiers to make their sexual habit a secret. Several groups in the society had considered homosexuality as an abomination thus if soldiers must do it them it should not be done publicly since they are the people that many youths emulate.However, Plato shows his negative response towards this policy. He is against the fact that gay soldiers should practice homosexuality secretly since norms and traditions are expected to change with time. In his symposium that was recorded in 380 B.C, Plato reveals that the topic of sexual attraction between people of the same sex is not new; it has been debated for over two thousand years. Thus he concludes that as a topic, it should not bring the reactions it does today. Plato believes that those men who are halves of whole can pursue males because they are most manly and the most excellent of their generation. Therefore, their behavior is not inspired by their shamelessness but by manliness, virility and high resilience, which as a result make them embrace a culture of their own.Plato's argument against the policy is based on the fact that letting them be who they are would increase the moral for the common good of every individual in the society. He bases his argument on the fact that happiness is an end of life and every person should be given a chance to achieve happiness. Secondly it would be a virtue well rounded since it is only practiced by people who are high spirited and confident of their selves.  The third reason that Plato gives for not supporting this policy is that gay soldiers should not be discriminated as long as they have the courage to join the army. Thus they should be allowed to be who they truly are. If this is what makes them happy then let it be.

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