Response to 'No Death Penalty'

The author is talking about the execution of alleged murderers and that the courts are doing nothing about it; showing that they are not protecting the precious life of individuals. There many cases of execution of individuals described by the writer and are generally caused by grudge between individuals. There are 30 executions done in Southern States within two years; a great number with nothing being done about it. Joseph the military policeman at fort Jackson prison was condemned to death for helping the murder of a teenager. Shaw was electrocuted for fighting for his people’s justice. There case in Florida where a cop killer is executed; Alvin ford. The death row confinement troubles Ford leading him to muttering incomprehensible players. The supreme body prohibited the execution of convicted murders that are insane yet they execute Ford despite gaining knowledge of his sanity. The black engineer is serving a life sentence for robbery that he didn’t commit; an assault of mistake. The victim relatives complain to states official and nothing is done. Adam Bedau; prominently present a failed record on innocent defendants who have been executed in the past. He concluded that the doubts concerning prisoners guilt is never resolved. There are mistakes on Roosevelt green execution in Georgia after claim that he knew the truth; he his electrocuted in prison while his inmates are outside the prison. The State officials are building a death prison for isolation and executing the condemned. It’s also considering the creation of special defending unit for handling death appeal showing a bit of justice to prevail.

The plain fact about this abstract is that the government and other non government units which deal with rights of human being are handling the death penalty as a justice seeking option. There is no proper following of criminal cases especially for those accused of murder hence no justice offered to them. They are treated mercilessness even by the society. Cases of corruption in Florida court are very high starting with those in high levels i.e. government official where the accused are executed. The official s of state is pretending to be concerned on individual cases yet these are the one ordering electrocution. Excessive use of power by the state does deny those in lower level; the ordinary person justice .Cases of unfairness are common , e.g. the arbitrariness happens all the time but knighton is electrocuted alone and the crime was committed by everyone. The idea of isolating the prisoners in order to handle death penalty may have been the beginning of executing innocent individuals like Lenell. The denied witness right to justice increase chances of the plan to undertake isolation and execution of the accused successfully.

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