Noise Control Measures

I. Research Situation

Nowadays a lot of people work at the big industrial plants where there are a lot of sources of noise. Producing the goods for sale, such as phones, computers, fridges, cars sometimes leads to hearing loss caused by the high level waves of sound.

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For example, people work at the big industrial plant. The source of noise is the big industrial machines which are used day by day for producing goods. Such machines and conveyors, electric motors cause the vibration and noise. So, the workers should be protected, so that to save their hearing.

II. How to Reduce Noise at the Industrial Plant?

There are many possible ways which are used to protect workers from noisy environment at their workplace. These methods of control are subdivided into engineering and administrative. The basic engineering methods include the treatment of the transmission path of the noise, the receiver treatment, using conveyor belts, avoiding metal-metal contacts by using some plastic bumpers etc. Administrative methods include the proper organizing of the schedules, limiting working period in the noisy environment etc. There is also an individual method of the personal protection – using hearing protectors.

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III. Hearing Protectors

Hearing protectors is the best way to reduce the noise pollution when engineering and administrative methods are not possible to be used. “A personal hearing protector is a device, or a pair of devices, designed to be worn over, cover the ear canal entrance, or inserted in the ears of a person to protect their hearing. Personal hearing protectors should be used when levels of excessive noise cannot be reduced by using other control measures.” (Noise Control Measures 2011)

But the effectiveness of the personal hearing protectors depends on how regularly they are worn and how they fit a person. It is the disadvantage, as some workers do not follow the rules strictly.

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The advantage of this method is that hearing protectors can be used when the other methods fail. So, these devices are widely used at the big industrial plants and factories. And they may be applied to our research situation as well.

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