Bryn Mawr

Being in a learning institution community shapes us to be more presentable people in the community at large. Apart from academic gain, we also learn to be socially responsible and reliable. We as well learn to be good financial stewards. Bryn Mawr is a diligent popular for its excellent performance in academics and social work. The products of Bryn Mawr have a reputation of courage and dedication at work. At this academic institution, I believe I would learn to dedicate tireless efforts to my line of work. I have had an encounter with graduates from Bryn Mawr as they work in the community and they proved to be an example of perfection at work. Therefore, I also know at the same institution I will learn to be a perfect work. In the course that I would enroll to at the school, I have an assurance to get the best since the school has all the resources needed for learning purposes. Byrn Mawr is actually a women's college.  I choose it because I believe it would be the best place to recieve education women need to succeed.

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Secondly, since Bryn Mawr is an institution that is actively involved in social works, I know that by the time I graduate from the institution I will be experienced at working for the welfare of the society. What I would do for the community is to carry out educational seminars to educate the society on healthy living and maintaining healthy environments. A healthy environment reduces the chances of disease transmission. I would also facilitate talks for the youths to educate them on various topics in social life. I would also ensure transparence at my position of work and encourage my colleagues to be transparent too.

In conclusion, it is a wise thing for all of us to actively practice what we learn in our various institutions for the society’s gain. In Bryn Mawr and many other institutions, students learn many skills that are of great importance to the society. Therefore, if all students utilized these skills society would be better than it is currently.  I will be able to fight against women discrimination and gender inequality after completing my studies at Bryn Mawr.

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