U.S. Immigration Policy Analysis

For decades now, the U.S. immigration strategy has been a hallmark for opinionated debate as numerous policymakers consider the call for maintaining worldwide competitiveness by massively attracting top overseas talent in opposition to the need to control illicit immigration and, therefore, secure the country’s borders. Most lately, the dispute has focused highly on how to rationalize a deeply bureaucratic visa request procedure and deal with the 11 million of undocumented immigrants who are already in the country. Predominantly, this move covers young people transported into the country with their parents and also implementing the policy at the grass root level without risking public trust in immigrant communities. Everything undergoes alterations so does the U.S. immigration policy (Lee, 2013).

History of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is basically referred to as the passage of people across the national boundaries of the U.S. in infringement of the country’s nationality and immigration law. Unlawful immigrants in the country are sometimes referred to undocumented worker/alien, illegal immigrant/alien among others. With their state or rather condition, they pose a threat to the American national security, native economy, and social fabric, but their legalization could turn things around for the better (Shaw, 2010).

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As noted, the issue of illegal immigration has been dominant for at least the past 25 years and impending public skepticism has been directed to the federal government and its ability to implement the country’s immigration regulations. Moreover, since the U.S. immigration system has been termed as broken, numerous employers take that advantage in order to hire the undocumented workers, and it is not good for the country or the overall economy. Therefore, it’s time for the government to fix the already wrecked immigration system by agreeing and implementing the proposed immigration policy changes as they are actually good for the country.

Economic Issue

Immigration is known as a process which causes intense economic problems. Many illegal immigrants come to the U.S. in order to search better paying jobs but end up being exploited by employers. Due to their status, they don’t remit taxes since even some of them lack the monetary capability to share in the country’s growth by remitting taxes. Most of these immigrants are paid under the table which is unlawful according to the country’s laws (Shaw, 2010).

Moreover, these immigrants drain the public resources or rather they  use more of the government resources for which they haven’t paid, and this brings a deep negative impact to the national treasury, thus, generally affects the healthcare, welfare, and educational systems. The tax payers are forced to pay more money in order to support the government programs; furthermore this hurts the economy and also those legal citizens who pay taxes to support the illegal immigrants. Also, the low skillful American citizens compete directly with the illegal immigrant for jobs and this phenomenon pushes down earnings and limits the job prospects for middle-class earners thus affecting the economy directly (Lee, 2013).  

Cultural Fragmentation

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Increased immigration to the U.S. is highly degrading the country’s national identity. New studies have shown that the fresh immigrants do not assimilate easily into the American culture as precedent immigrants did. The country is referred to as a vast melting ground of cultures, and multiculturalism is blamed to encourage a range of ethnic groups in keeping their languages and identities. This trend is quite alarming as it is eroding the rooted American culture and installing a mixture of fragmented cultures which poses a danger to the young generation.

Social/Legal System

The most severe price of illegal immigration in the country concerns the overall superiority of our society. Furthermore, the illegitimate immigrants are regularly uncertain to collaborate with the law enforcement system, and this increases their individual susceptibility and crafts it complex for the law enforcement agencies to obtain essential information. The malfunction to impose immigration laws corrodes respect for the country’s legal system, thus encouraging hostility and vigilantism against cultural minorities. The existence of quite large figures of the populace who subsist outside the protection of the law erodes the societal bond and hampers the collaboration needed to establish vibrant and safe communities (Shaw, 2010).

Security environment is intensely affected by the influx of illegal aliens in the country, as a result of the government’s efforts to restrain these immigrations they are driven underground, thus encouraging the customs of illegality. For instance, when five out of each 100 populace in the U.S. are illegal/undocumented or even documented through fake and forged papers, there pose a weighty security predicament. Despite the fact that they create no express security risk, the existence of 11 million of undocumented immigrants deforms the law, diverts resources and efficiently creates an envelope for criminals as well as terrorists (The White House, 2013).

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Illegal migration in the country for the past decades has cost much in terms of undermining the fiscal power of the country, bringing about cultural fragmentations as well as degradation in security and the use of law. The 21st century which is basically covered with globalization will witness America either slide down into timid segregation or establish its openness. Right through history, large countries have declined terribly because they erected walls of narrow-mindedness; however, America has prevailed to be the exemption for more than a century. Therefore, to deal with the issue of illegal immigration once and for all, basic changes have to be enacted in the U.S. immigration policy such as reformatting legal immigration, coming up with earned citizenship initiatives, and in addition cracking down vigorously on all the employers hiring undocumented workers (The White House, 2013).

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