Declaration of Independence Criticism

It is commonly known that parents are very instrumental in the growth and development of any child throughout until they become adults. However, if their efficacy is not felt by the children, then the latter can declare independence from their parents. Parents have a bigger role to play in developing character and promoting children’s welfare more than just taking them to school and providing for their basic needs. It is very important for individuals to divest themselves of any force that seems to control them. Parents should make their children a priority. While this is very true, each child must have the right to pursue talents other than those advocated by their parents. That being said, my parents have caused many problems in my daily life.
My desire to declare independence from my parents is well justified. This has been prompted by several things. I have been forced to work hard to maintain focus and better grades because my parents have not fully supported my educational needs. I hardly have my personal time to read at home. I have had a lot of duties to do at home instead of my school work. Again, my parents do not support my music part-time career. I also do not have the mandate to choose my friends. What makes matters even worse is the way they control my time out. I really need to be independent because I cannot simply live with my parents’ disagreement and fight all the time. It is a disgusting situation.

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Therefore, on this day January 21, 2013, I declare my independence from my parents  based on the Declaration of Independence stating that I have a right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” as a citizen of the United States. It is evident that I have my right to live my life the way I see it would be beneficial to me. It should not be taken as dishonor or disrespectful in any way. I want to live free and independent of forces from my parents that I feel are retrogressive to my development.

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