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Many people from all over the world desire to secure a legal right to live in America permanently since it remains one of the most popular countries in terms of immigration destination in the world. However, there are many regulations on who is eligible to immigrate to the US such as the required forms, the type of immigrant visas and the protocol in processing immigrant visas (Immigrants to the United States, N.p). The main objective of this essay is to compare and contrast the views presented by a US source, Los Angeles Times and a foreign source, Aljezeera and then draw a conclusion on the basis of the sources. 

According to the report given by Los Angeles Times, the President of United States, Mr. Obama repeatedly urged his audience to push the lawmakers to reform the nation’s immigration policy by fixing what he terms as the “broken ‘’ immigration system. Obama and the Congress are working behind the scenes to shape a proposal as his counselors insist on a common ground between Mr.Obama’s vision of the policy on immigration and the leading plans on debate (Parsons, n.p.). The President stipulates the criteria of eligibility to qualify as a US citizen as he wants to facilitate the process of getting the green card and finally be granted with permanent citizenship. This information is only mentioned in the LAT but not in the Aljazeela article (Parsons, n.p.).

A group of members of the House has a group settling on a compromise as both US Republicans and Democrats which have foreseen the failure of the President’s endeavor to introduce overhaul reforms in immigration. Another opposition to the draft bill came from Marco Rubio, Florida’s Republican Senator who argued that the bill so championed by Mr. Obama would be dead as soon as it arrives in the Congress.  The bill was compromising the border security and will broke legal immigration in the future. The article suggests the necessity to increase funding to enhance border security (Obama draft immigration plan draws criticism, n.p.). Outright ideas of the opposition to the bill are not captured in the LAT. The article proposes that Obama is under pressure from the Hispanics for these overhaul reforms since they voted for him. John MacCain, a Republican Senator, emphasized on the same predicted failure of the efforts of the administration to allow about 11 million illegal immigrants to receive citizenship. These deeper elaborations which propose and oppose the draft bill respectively are shallowly mentioned by the LAT.

In both articles, there are clear reports that the US government intends to cut down the number of illegal inhabitants. There is not any pronounced support for the draft bill by any member of the Congress as both articles continue to quote some members of the Congress who are opposed to the bill. In both articles the reasons for refusing the bill are based on the fact that it gives the potential to compromise border security. However, Obama’s call to establish measures not to allow employers to hire illegal workers is clearly stated. Both articles also capture Obama requiring the law makers to act quickly in passing the bipartisan bill although the Aljazeela does not mention the warning Obama gives the lawmakers if the process is delayed as mentioned in the LAT

The two sources do not provide the same views concerning the state of the debate on immigration reforms. It is very clear from the analysis above that the Los Angeles Times has not clearly detailed the tension which actually exists in the Congress. The article only mentions about the debate and do not give any details, for instance, it did not mention that both Republicans and Democrats are opposing the bill. The Aljazeela article, being fair to the president’s proposal, showed that Republicans are reconsidering the comprehensive immigration changes and settling for a bipartisan approach. Generally, The Aljazeela article is more detailed but seemingly based on Obama’s proposal.

American Politics. Custom American Politics Essay Writing Service || American Politics Essay samples, help

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