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Al-Shabab is a terrorist group that is an affiliate of the Al Qaeda. Based in Somali, the al-Shabab has in recent years posed a threat to the Kenyan security. In the span of the month of October and November 2011, the group has successfully planned and attacked Kenya in several terrorist attacks.

On 24th day of October 2011, a bomb exploded at a crowded bus station in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, killing 2 people and injuring 24 others. 18 Hours later, another bomb placed in a pub exploded and killed one person while injuring more than 10 others (Zhang). This was happening just a few days after the Kenyan security forces had decided to invade Somali. The move was to curb the al-Shabab militia in Somali that was causing security threats to Kenyans and tourists visiting the Kenyan coast. After hectic investigation that took place immediately after the two bombings, the perpetrator could not evade.

A Kenyan citizen Mr. Bwire was responsible for the two bombing attacks. He confirmed the charges and indicated that he was indeed an al-Shabab member. The purpose of this attack was to be seen.

This was a retaliatory attack. The Kenyan security forces were 100 km within the Somali borders at that time (Zhang, 2011). Ambushing al -Shabab bases and setting free the Somali victims who were leaving under the tight and inhuman laws of the al-Shabab. After the attacks, the security policies within Kenya changed to tighter levels than previously witnessed.

All governmental and storey buildings had security officers frisking anyone entering such buildings. Seclusion of regions took place, marking them as no go zones. As these changes occurred, a third neighboring country got involved.

Allegedly, military helicopters flew from Eritrea supplying weapons to the al-Shabab as Kenya fought the militia. This led to diplomatic rows between the two countries. However, the Eritrean government pleaded not guilty. It is with no doubt that the relationship the two countries had has recently deteriorated as Kenya fights the militia up to date (Zhang, 2011).

Recent Terrorist Act. Custom Recent Terrorist Act Essay Writing Service || Recent Terrorist Act Essay samples, help

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