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A political campaign is a structured effort to manipulate the decisions of individuals. In communicating these political messages, a number of designs have been incorporated. Among these are radio, telephony, and the Internet. However, not all communication can achieve their original objectives (Benoit, 2007). Prior to any election, a team has to be set up to see the campaigns through. Major posts include treasurer who will handle finances, the fundraiser who is responsible for the collections of contributions made, and the campaign manager who is in charge of the campaign process. These three individuals play a vital role in ensuring that the campaign runs accordingly. They contribute to the success or failure of the campaign (Christen & Gunther, 2003).

Winning a majority of the votes in any campaign depends on the convincing capability of a candidate or the political party involved. In addition to this, financial resources are also considered a necessity. The need to win over business people or donors to contribute in ones campaign is important in ensuring the success of the campaign. This is because for a campaign to succeed there needs to be finances that cater for the publications to be made and securing spots in the media among other expenses.

This paper will focus on the presidential campaigns with a case study of President Obama’s victory in the previous election, which relates to the campaign of Scott Brown in 2010. Generally, campaigns are set with an aim of winning an election. In his campaign, President Obama sort to raise funds for his campaign, win over voters by convincing them to support his policies, and getting them to eventually vote in favor of him (Five Point Lede, 2010). Therefore, the communication tool incorporated to achieve campaign goals need to be designed appropriately. Effectiveness of the same should be considered in order to ensure that the necessary information is provided to the supporters.

In his strategy to win a majority of the voters, campaign strategists in the Obama camp chose to use the social media and technology to obtain contributions and to build up a wave of sanctioned individuals who would make a difference. This saw to a high number of individuals volunteering to participate in the campaigns. In essence, this was because of the understanding of the social networks. In order to achieve campaign objectives, a political party or aspirant needs to understand how the tools intended to be incorporated work in order to manipulate them to their advantage (Raymond, 2010).

The incorporation of new technologies and social sites played a major role in the win since a large part of the population was engaged in the campaigns. Using the social media contributed largely as it brought in a large number of followers. Moreover, its incorporation to the campaigns was an advantage as the individuals in the campaign team had a clear know how of how the social media and politics could be integrated for the common good of the campaign. For example, campaign videos were set up in YouTube, considering that majority of individuals ascribe to these sites, this played a vital role in ensuring that voters were worn over to support the campaigns (Aaker & Chang, 2012).

Moreover, emails were sent out to individuals. This is a more personal way of winning voters. It creates a sense of belonging for individuals. In his campaign, selected voters received mails, which saw to the increase of donors. Contributions received were more than expected. A large number of people contributed to make the campaigns a success (Raymond, 2010).

Short messages were also used to reach the voters. Records show that voters received three messages on the day of election. These strategies work to reach the voters at a personal level and convince them that the proposed candidate is the best. It also acts as a reminder to claim votes for a candidate or party. A social network can also be established to allow voters access the information. In the Obama’s campaign, this strategy saw to the increase in contributions thereby achieving the goal it was set to achieve. People were able to interact and influence each other on behalf of the campaign (Raymond, 2010).

In other instances, other tools can also be used to communicate and influence voters. For example, use of television spots (Burton & Shea, 2010). This is usually under the control of the political aspirants. Thus, making certain that the views and messages of the aspirants are the ones delivered. Studies have proven that these spots contain much information, which is utilized by the voters in making decisions. Detailed communication is availed, which help to steer voters to make informed decisions that are not biased.

Moreover, pictures and posters reportedly play a vital role in campaigns. For instance, in the Obama campaigns, pictures were uploaded on the social sites. Use of pictures help to create a lasting image an effect on individuals’ psychology, this contributes to making a lasting impact on voters and in building up the image of the candidate or party (Trent, Friednberg & Denton, 2011).

In general, designing a campaign message that appeals to voters is the main factor that will contribute to the success of the campaign. In essence, the need to campaign is to convince people to support you and eventually have them voting for you. Campaign messages therefore are important and need to be appealing. In many cases, politicians make promises to perform and work for the common good of the population; but the majority never means it. Therefore, taking a new approach of winning over voters is necessary.

Political Communications Campaign. Custom Political Communications Campaign Essay Writing Service || Political Communications Campaign Essay samples, help

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