Drafting Experience

Processes used in drafting the customer’s letter of apology.

  1. Started with looking at the possible reasons for the dissatisfaction of the customer. This included looking at the past transactions done with the customer. This was to deliberate on how they were done and what made the customer get satisfied there before. This was to establish what went wrong with this particular transaction.
  2. Looked at how important the client was to the company and how his engagement in business impacted on the operations of the company. This was done by looking at his accounts and determining how large they were and how they would affect the company if lost. Scrutinizing the account would also help us to know the history of the client with the company.
  3. We went through the company’s policies in relation to dealing with complaints from customers. This involved talking with my superiors about the problem to get the protocols and procedures involved in dealing with issue like this. I also discuss with my co-workers about past complaints and how they were tackled.
  4. Discussed with the management on the nature and content of the complaint and the client from which it came from. This was to determine the relevance of the complaint and assess the point that the customer was trying to put across. This would also be used to determine whether the client deserved an apology and how to go about it.
  5. Came up with the wording of the letter and the outline. This was to make sure that the customer would be satisfied with the apology and also ensure that the company was not put with in any compromising situation of exposed the details of the company.
  6. Wrote the letter as earlier discussed with the management and revised it putting into consideration that the client was important.

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