Political Manipulation

Cloud computing is among the latest technological words that circulate through the circles of social media. Cloud computing could be the true key to economical and societal growth, but the international politics has been hindering its process. It is difficult to define the concept of cloud computing to people who do not live according to the Web 2.0 bubble, as this explains the reason it has been affected by the intergovernmental borders and politics that raise issues demanding to understand the meaning of cloud computing. The notion of cloud computing relies on the notion of decentralizing, voluntarily accessible data and relationship. This initiative has led to freelancing due to the ease of working from home. This is due to the fact that the data centers are no longer finite in relation to the required answers. The data are retrieved through the Internet atmosphere form the vast cloud of dispersed data.

The Internet services are the backbone of the cloud computing idea as it is currently implied, as first cloud computing, initiated on the global scope, was the first workstation sharing networks of data loads. The cloud computing took the natural progression to global projects of human genome projects and NASA’s Universe study project. The concept of cloud computing has confused the majority of people due to its intangibility and its ever evolving mode.

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The separation of cloud computing from politics can enhance its continuous evolving beyond borders, as it could be the universal instrument that is not biased. Some Asian countries and the US are among those that are currently enacting laws that have the negative effect on the flow of the universal cloud computing’s improvement. This has a subsequent effect to the enhancement of the international economy. The US has a poorly conceived Patriot Act that has an extreme realization of consequences to organizations, which operate under the umbrella of cloud computing. Canada is another country that has requested the government to avoid the use of computers in the worldwide networks that operate within the US borders. This is due to the fact that the data kept in those computers can compromise conceivable negative effects, which are affected by the repercussion arising from Patriot Act.

The negative impact on the US economy can be attributed to companies that involve all their income to provide accessible storage of data to facilitate distant computing that is cornerstone of cloud computing. The company’s size and the scale of its data storage do not really matter. In fact, it is their services that do act like backbone for the popular cloud computing applications such as the Twitter. Their customer base’s restriction will lead to the bottom line of these companies affected.

The global politics are greatly depended on by the cloud computing to survive. For instance, the telecommunications corporations in the US should provide their manner to avoid the existing Internet customary of network impartiality completely. Data that are strangled and information strained are contrary to the basic perception of cloud computing and universal awareness. It is not possible for the cloud computing to thrive if there are forces that keep on influencing the information that is held within the cloud, or, worse of all, which are blocking the view to accomplish a concealed agenda.

Political affairs are the major factor that affects the scalability of the Internet, the accessibility of the Internet entrance, the free stream of information and the daily basis of the cloud computing that are based on the global economy. A project requires being dependent of the cloud computing needs to overcome politics in order to be flourishing. This could help in enhancing the computers’ efficiency in isolated areas of underprivileged countries, where there exist an Internet cloud of information, applications and services for the computers to utilize. This can help certain countries to overcome hardships, as they are in line with information flow and the universal financial system. It is only because of the bureaucracy that access to data may be banned in order to maintain the citizens of the nation in the state of ignorance because of political maneuvering.

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The concept of cloud computing can be vague but still remains important. This is due to its vital growth and the gush of the financial system for potential generations. The harmful consequence of the global politics to the accessibility and development of cloud computing can be overcome through addressing the matter instantly.  Thus, it is important to take stand and uncover what the country is doing in the promotion of impartiality of the Internet resources, and labor behind scenes to maintain the cloud computing afloat for further wealth of the globe.

Creation of New Products and Services

The economics of cloud computing will encourage the innovative companies to create products, which were not possible to manufacture initially or that will be significantly less expensive. As a result, this will increase competition and make the companies gain more profits. The cloud computing is a race for opportunities, short-lived in essence to pursue. Hence, competitors will take the advantage of cloud computing to design their products in a fairly quick manner after the realization of this method’s compatibility to the company. The most important part is that many business ideas, which initially required prohibitive amount of computing power, scale and the radically new business models like open supply chains and global markets, could not be properly implemented due the existence of technical limitations. But now cost effectiveness becomes more realized. The power storage improvement and processing power coupled with technology provide innovations that were impossible originally. Such innovations include the high speed Internet connection that enables products like YouTube to evolve, as the cloud computing makes the unusually accessible opportunities being noticed by the competitive companies.

Partnership and Outsourcing with IT Suppliers

The companies, which have traditionally relied on the out-sourcing of the IT services, already began to feel the cloud computing advantages. This is due to the fact that a large part of what was used to be in-house has now been developed to suit other needs elsewhere. This is unlike the traditional outsourcing of IT, as the cloud computing has the agility and the control of the traditional outsource, which cannot match cloud computing to a larger extent. It is easier for switching IT out-sources within the computing cloud, as much of the cloud computing relationships do not consist of nothing more than the termination of at-the-end-of-a-month commitments, unless a long-term contract was agreed upon. This is an improvement for many companies in relation to what they have, as there is provision for choices, which, perhaps, could not have everything required for internal execution or the outsourcing supplier relationship.

Leverage to Internet and Web 2.0

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Most companies still criticize web technologies, considering them not to be serious. But the web has evolved to the Web 2.0 era and the challenges in the scale, performance and satisfaction has enabled millions of people to create technologies, solutions, and architecture that assist them to gain power and money. That is why even many companies find it hard to match such progress. The adoption of cloud computing enhances an organization to enter into the pool with others in the online world in various ways. This is due to the social tools employment, and non-rational databases or hosting other technologies on the way to the cloud computing. In the end, the cloud computing will serve the company well, and allow companies to acquire skills and perspectives that are required to compete effectively.

Traditional SOA Reconciliation with Cloud and Emerging IT Models

The SOA has evolved greatly due to the presence of cloud computing, as it was illustrated by McKendrick. The advent of the cloud computing technologies have to be dealt with so that they can be encompassed by the SOA initiatives, which are currently looking for the toolset of aggressive approaches and technologies toward the seeking of an onramp to changes and improvements. This is due to the architecture, which fits to the cloud technologies, that is heavily based on the web itself, and on its natural non-aggressive way of building the SOA at every level of the organization virtually. The cloud computing will be  the break of SOA’s traditional chain for many organizations, thus shifting it to places where it meets new business and technological requirements, and faster rate of adaption to new business conditions.

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