Central America’s Upheavals

In 1960, Central America faced an upheaval and political dismay; especially in Guatemala. The right-wing coup played a vital role in overthrowing power after what was deemed as flawed election process. Guatemala had no option but to seek the services of United Fruit Company. The main objective of the company was to enhance the postal service in the country, as it was vital in distributing information (Charlip, 2008).  Later on, the company developed Telegraph Company and the tropical radio.  It was perceived that the political upheaval in the region was facilitated by the numerous media companies that aired conflicting information.

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Following this political upheaval, U.S. government played a vital role in intervention of the political mayhem in the region. The aim was to end the repressive government and maintain order. As such, it allowed governmental agendas and worldviews to take the center. Communism lost its grip in the region paving way for evangelical missionaries. Some of the interventions U.S. undertook include protecting banana trade that characterize Honduras, conservative power was strengthen in Nicaragua, and CIA enhanced the election of socialist leader in Guatemala (Charlip, 2008).

In addition, the economic endowment of Guatemala was adversely affected by the political upheavals. Employment opportunities reduced, as the government directed most of its resources to mitigating war. As Caribbean Islands is characterized with conducive temperatures for the growth of bananas, the production of bananas was adversely affected by the war.  Other economic products that the region is known to produce include coffee, and sugar. The U.S. government saw the downfall of Guatemala’s economic conditions, and played a vital role in enhancing banana trade and production in the region. Indeed, the crisis was later resolve amicably, and the region enjoys political tranquility characterized by good governance.

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