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Canada’s Presence in Afghanistan. Custom Canada’s Presence in Afghanistan Essay Writing Service || Canada’s Presence in Afghanistan Essay samples, help

Canada’s presence in Afghanistan has enhanced various humanitarian organizations and the United Nations to analyze their legality in the war. However, the set objectives that they are poised to achieve in Afghanstan prompt their legality in the region. Ideally, the mission of Canada is humanitarian in nature. As such, it is Canada’s national interest to demonstrate its ability to lay leadership role internationally. Accordingly, the United Nations provide that for a nation is in need of humanitarian assistance, the presence of humanitarian personnel in the region is unquestionably legal. Canada aims at investing in health and education services in an attempt to improve the living standards of the future generation of Afghan. This is achieved through empowering the children and youth in the region. In addition, the Canadian government has reported that the Canadians are helping the Afghan children with food due to the prevailing war and drought that has rendered them to poverty.

As security is a vital component in a developing country, Canada aims at articulating to the rule of law and advancing security by the provision of training services. Canada has provided about 950 military trainers and civilian police that will initiate training and support of the Security Forces of Afghan.  In addition, their presence in Afghanistan has enhanced regional diplomacy and enabled the Afghan civilians to access humanitarian assistance. The positive implications of their presence in a war-oriented society have ensured that peaceful negotiations and agreements are achieved. The Afghan needs to enjoy the political stability and economic tranquility that other nations are enjoying. However, over the past years, Canadian activities in Afghan have shifted from humanitarian to counter-insurgency. For instance, the Canadian Forces were reported to have captured and tortured the Taliban fighters; which was not the main objective.

Diplomats in initiatives that are aimed at improving Afghan governance structures would use the 3D policy. This approach viewed that political institutions can help to the restore and enforce stability of Afghanistan. Through this consideration, the Canadian government sated it was necessary to involve military personnel to work directly with Afghan government officials. This would enhance and accelerate development programs in many areas.

According to the provided data, the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban continues. However, expertise and resources have also continued to be used in the effort as a way of realizing a new Afghan country. Besides, greater commitments have been put in place that would help prompt economic growth in the afghan state.  Because of this anticipated growth, the Canadian government has employed the use of a three pronged policy approach that incorporates the use of defense, diplomacy and development (3Ds) so as to help speed up development in Afghanistan.

This policy establishes building of public institutions that function and are answerable to the citizens for their actions. Such response demands for current bureaucratic practices and approaches. The policy fundamentally requires that government departments should work closely together throughout its planning and implementation stages of its functions.

Canada’s diplomatic presence and policy approach was to influence the realization of Canadian security goals in Afghanistan in various ways. Foremost, Canadian diplomats would work with the Canadian forces as well as employees from aid organizations to help found security in the capital Kabul. Their major role would be to establish relationships with key players in Afghanistan and to gain their support for security and restoration initiatives.

Canada’s Presence in Afghanistan. Custom Canada’s Presence in Afghanistan Essay Writing Service || Canada’s Presence in Afghanistan Essay samples, help

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