Canada’s current Foreign Policy


After the invasion in Iraq in 2003, the country has become a power vacuum. It seems that the government has decided to redirect the foreign policy, so as to gain political opportunities, as well as to develop fresh economy, which is coming out on the world’s stage. The political leaders are being tempted to ignore the needs and ethics in the world development, as they pursue the chances. I, therefore, urge you to support Canada and to rise above the temptations, so as to support the interests of Canada by maintaining the foreign currency, which further supports this. Canada must, therefore, change the policies on peacekeeping, foreign aid, as well as free trade, so as to meet the call.

Factors that shape the Canadian Policy

Some of the factors that have affected Canadian policies are social justice commitment, the limited strength of military, and the trade dependency on the US. However, there are certain factors that shape the policies in Canada as well (Goodman 1).

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Canada is well known in protecting the social welfare and upholding justice. It consists of a population, which has a diverse newcomers and citizens. The people of Canada have different needs. They, therefore, have demanded a truthful political representation and affirmative action by the government, so as to ensure that the government addresses their needs. These demands have been entrenched together with their values. These social justice values have been inspiring the commitment by the country to assistance by foreign countries.

The value of the country’s social justice and little military power makes Canada focus on the efforts of military in international peace keeping and policing. In the years 2003 and 2004, the country budgeted for eight hundred million dollars to be used in military expenses.

The economy of Canada has been sustained by the economy of America. Most of the exports are United States bound. About 72.7% of the imports have origin from America. This means that the US is a major threat for Canadian business. The country has a unique way of being dependent on the way the US pushes it to adopt the Agreement of Free Trade in North America to protect the country’s economy and maintain relations with the trading partner.

The role of Canada and Canadians in the international community

Canada has always been seen as the example of a democratic society, which has a rule of law. The role as being the leader has decreased however, as the world is changing. Atlantic Canada has been seen as a trader as there is a connection by the sea for the international relations such as with the Caribbean (Kilgour, p1). Now that the country has a large military pack, it plays a great role in the global activities. The peacekeeping centre is found in Nova Scotia, an institution that supports the contribution of security and peace internationally. The role of Canada therefore is particularly close to hearts of most Atlantic Canadians.

Canada is also a champion of dignity and human rights, which show fair deal and equality, security and peace. The country has always worked hard with the help of the elected leaders to be able to accomplish the goals. The country has the will to use the resources available and the lives to increase the reputation as leaders in the mission of peacekeeping.

Role of government agencies

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The government agencies in Canada include the Prime minister, Privy Council, Canada secretariat, and the finance department. All these have a big role in the government, as they are involved in making decisions and administration. They ensure that there is coordination in policies, and good practices in administrative and fiscal management. The statuses they hold in the central government make them have great influence in authority with the exception of the Secretariat in the Treasury Board. This owes to the prime minister’s proximity and cabinet. Each of these organizations should have a balanced control of authority with the required flexibility, plus autonomy, which allows line departments to be able to manage issues in an effective manner, take risks and innovate risks, which are within the domains of their responsibilities (Smith 1).

Politics and citizenship

Canada was the first country to make use of multiculturalism in the world in 1971. Canada confirmed the dignity and values of the Canadian citizens without considering the ethnic origins, racial origins, religious affiliation, or their language. The policy of multiculturalism confirmed the aboriginal people’s rights and the two languages of Canada. It ensures that all the citizens have equal chances ( 1).

The citizens have a right to keep identities, to be proud of their ancestry, and also to have a feeling of belonging. They have the self-confidence and security, the elements that make them be more open to accepting the diverse cultures. The multiculturalism has really been effective in encouraging ethnic harmony, as well as the cultural understanding. The Canadians have been guaranteed equal chances in opportunities, and law without discrimination of their ethnic backgrounds ( 1). The policies and laws in Canada recognize the diversity of Canada by cultural heritage, race, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, and origin, and they guarantee freedom of thought, conscience, belief, association, peaceful assembly, and opinion expression to all women and men. These rights of dignity and freedom are guaranteed through the Canadian constitution, Canadian citizenship, and charter of freedoms and rights.

Political events, issues, trends and their relationship to social, economic, and cultural systems

While the cultural economy gains significance in the current world, the economic crises worldwide leaves culture aside, as the politicians struggle in safeguarding jobs by creating measures with an aim of upholding trust and confidence in the systems of bank; therefore, money is used like the decision carriers, while still doing the necessary transactions. Culture widely looks at the people yearning for a life; it is authentic and includes dreams more than stories of human pain, which come as a result of human pain that is brought about by the lack of love. Culture is a result of the indifference towards fears and pains of others. As a result, empathy develops, making it possible for dialogue.

Canada role and influence in international relations

The economy of Canada is the ninth largest in the world. It has moved away the economic crises and the global financial crises that started very well in 2008. Canada should make sure that domestic conditions are in order to sustain the commercial competitiveness on the international level. There is a need to ensure that there is innovation and productivity (Goddy, Lee 1). The military, though small, in Canada is very much respected. The Forces in Canada have contributed a lot to the international mission, which was in Afghanistan. It also participated in Libyan, Haitian, and African antipiracy.

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The responsibility of diplomacy is taken by the DFAIT and in many years has been at the front line of projecting and defining foreign policy of Canada.


To remove Canada in shame, I recommend that the country should increase foreign aid over two years time, stop administering aid in the form of loans, deliver the aids like grants with conditions of negotiations, reduce organizations that make use of SAP, until the bodies reduce the practice and pressure the organizations to stop the aid.

As a Foreign Affairs Minister, I am simply requesting the Country of Canada to give grants with regulations to reduce the chances of the government taking advantage of being corrupt and have self-gains. The country should foster financial management, consider the needs that are unique, and realize change in the recipients’ interest. 

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