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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in 1917. He was the 35th president of the United States (USA). On 22/11/1963, while on official mission in Dallas, Texas, he was brutally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. He was immediately replaced by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. This prompted investigations which resulted into various conspiracy theories regarding his death (Bugliosi, V., 2007). This incident greatly impacted in the history of USA politically, socially and culturally.

First, it intensified USA’s military imperialism and perceptions towards Cold War which was ongoing at the time. The assassination of the president which occurred in a broad day light was a very big blow to the Secret Service and other security agencies. It was taken that United Socialist Soviet Republic (USSR) might have conspired against the president. As a result, there was an increased demand for military prowess in order to counteract the aggressions of countries like USSR and Vietnam. In this regard, Vietnam War was fought because it would be used to prove America’s intolerance to perceived foreign aggressors. However, this would turn to be destructive since it had no value to add on the America’s reputation in the international scene.

The death of J.F. Kennedy brought a very big challenge to the American democracy. Over the years, he had been a democrat and crusader who was concerned about the plight of the minority groups such as African Americans who had been subjected to lots of injustices. His policies had been good and were mainly focused on equality. However, this later became so difficult especially at this time when the civil right movement groups led by people like Martin Luther King Jr. was intensified. His death marked the end of the support such movements had been getting from the state. He was known to be preaching peace and unity. His policies were against racial discrimination.

In addition, J.F’s assassination led to massive improvements in The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). His wish to send a person to the moon by the end of 1960s was accomplished on 20th July, 1969, when Neil Armstrong in the Apollo II expedition landed in the moon. This program did not end at this time because five other missions continued until 1972. All the efforts to send Americans to the space were being made in honor of the late president. It was upon the subsequent regimes to ensure that such pledges were accomplished. It was a very great contribution because it instilled pride in Americans. May be it would not have happened had he not have died (Waldron, L. & T. Hartmann, 2005).

Consequently, the assassination led to unity in USA. Many people set aside their differences to join together with one goal of mourning the departed hero. Both the Vice President and the members of the senate and congress united as a team to send off the president. They had to put their political ideologies aside. However, the incident injured the reputation of Texas. The Texans were later viewed as traitors who had assassinated a patriot. Because the incident had occurred in Dallas, it is only the people from this state who would be held responsible. However, this was an unjustified claim since the murder was later discovered to be a single person acting on his own interests.

Conclusively, the assassination of J.F. Kennedy was ne of the major unfortunate incidences in the history of USA. It can only be compared to the 11/09/2001 New York terrorist attack. It clearly demonstrated flaws in the presidential security services and death of democracy in this great nation. However, this death would later make great impacts which would perpetual determine the shape of American history.

The Assassination of President Kennedy. Custom The Assassination of President Kennedy Essay Writing Service || The Assassination of President Kennedy Essay samples, help

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