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The political and public attitude impacts on the Madrid Train Terrorism in 2004 placed democracy at risk due to the threats from terrorists. Consequently, media posed frequent reports concerning danger caused by international terrorism. The Madrid Train terrorism act in 2004 implanted attitude on the minds of the public across the globe. This comes after the city of Spain suffered this terrorist act on 11 March 2004. This affected the manner in which individuals executed their daily activities and also affected their interaction with political world.

In 2004, it is evident that voters in Spain conducted polls a few days after the devastating train bombings in Madrid. The increasing issues of terrorism made individuals to make assessments and develop political attitudes when evaluating leaders and their political behavior. The impact of Madrid Train terrorism influenced the public attitude by provoking panic and fear all over Spain, and the entire world community. This attack was terrific in that it incorporated the use of suicide bombers that killed innocent lives.

As a result, the attack led to a massacre of 191 people from diverse 18 countries leaving 1,841 victims with wounds. Politically, the government of Spain perceived the attack to be caused by Basque terrorist group ETA. However, after two days, the event authorities declared that the cause of the terrorist attack had a connection to Islamic terrorist Al Qaeda. The political impact of the Madrid Train Terrorism led to a law enforcement attention to the Jihad terrorists. The 2004 incident of Madrid Train Terrorism resulted to deaths of innocent civilians, and the political impact of this event was evident when the government of Spain supported the war of terror in Afghanistan and Iraq where the US led the team. The Spanish government supported the war by sending 1000 soldiers to Iraq as a symbol of war declaration against Jihad movement in the world (Pen%u0303as, 2006).

The direct impact of the 2004 Madrid train terrorism increased the attitude in public when the attack led to loss of lives, and injuries, and caused the damage to infrastructure. The direct impact to the public is evident when people developed fear to engage in daily activities such as going to work, having fun, and shopping, which affected the economy of the country. Politically, the impact of Madrid bombings totally changed the manner in which the government conducted its electoral process. The reason is that the attack took place three days before citizens could choose a party that would lead Spain. 

The Madrid terrorist attack in 2004 made the public to change their views towards the Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar when he declared that the ETA caused the attacks. This caused Aznar to suffer politically because the public changed their attitude in voting for him with perception that he wanted popularity by opposing ETA to get votes (Sinkkonen, 2009). The Spain citizens hold on this attitude in mind until the Election Day, which changed the entire process, when they voted for Partido Popular.

Analyzing the Madrid terrorist attack, it is clear that its focus was on common individuals and civilians who used the train as their public transportation means of going to work, and attended to other political activities. The intention of the attack was to cause massacre to shock Spain and the entire world. It was evident that Al Qaeda was behind the Madrid bombings, and politically, when the US and their allies opposed the group, they first reacted by causing the war of terror. The Madrid attack in 2004 lessens the strong partnership bond which Spain had with the US. This happened when the global Jihad group set Spain as their target by attacking it, hence changed the politics and attitude of the public.

Political and Public Attitude. Custom Political and Public Attitude Essay Writing Service || Political and Public Attitude Essay samples, help

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