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The Criminal justice is a system that upholds social control, deters and mitigates crime. It is a system that sanctions those who commit crime through the violation of the set of laws. Consequently, these individuals are accorded the criminal penalties associated with the crime committed. For some of the criminals, rehabilitation efforts are also facilitated by the Criminal Justice System (Schmalleger, 2006).

The Criminal Justice Systems differ among different countries subject to the various constitutions. In the USA, the Criminal Justice policy is a subject to the 1967 Amendment found in the “Challenge of Crime in a Free Society” report. The Criminal Justice System is viewed as a breakthrough for the society to enhance protection for individuals. Any accused party, for example, is entitled to a state-paid attorney to represent him or her in a court of law.

The Process

The Criminal Justice process comprises of steps that are followed in the determination of any case. This implies that the stipulated steps must be followed in order for justice to be administered. The process narrows down as it comes to the end. For instance, in any case, there are more suspects at the beginning than for the people, who are finally jailed.

The process begins with the investigation of the crime. This seeks to collect the evidence that is used to warrant the arrest of the accused party. Once the suspect is arrested by the police, he is then prosecuted in a court of law. After prosecution, indictment follows. This is whereby the jury may decide that only the prosecutor should provide his evidence or, if the defendant, through his attorney, should also provide his evidence. After this, the suspect is arraigned in a court of law and pleas either guilty or not guilty.

The case then goes through pre-trial, and if it is perceived that there is adequate evidence, the case proceeds to full trial. If the evidence presented is proofs guilt beyond any reasonable doubt, the accused is convicted. Otherwise, the accused is acquitted of the charges. The judge then sentences the accused, if he is found guilty. If the accused views the sentence as being unsatisfactory, they may file for an appeal, where the case goes back to trial. The accused is eventually taken to a correctional center to serve his or her time. The release of the accused is only permitted after serving the stipulated sentence or through parole or pardon (Davies, Croall & Tyrer, 2009).

The Criminal Justice process upholds the Criminal Justice System as it is ensures that all the set rules are followed. This also ensures that individuals are not wrongly accused. It is an eloquent process that does not leave anything to chance. This ensures that both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s interest in a case are not jeopardized.

Criminal Justice. Custom Criminal Justice Essay Writing Service || Criminal Justice Essay samples, help

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