Criminal Justice Agencies

In order for the Criminal Justice process to be implemented, it is necessary that agencies are established to carry out this role. In the USA, there are three Criminal Justice agencies. They are:


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Legislation- This is the agency that creates laws throughout the country. Laws are enacted by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Therefore, in the case of an offender, the first contact in the course of committing a crime is the police. The police are mandated to arrest the wrong doer. However, if the offender is of enormous harm to the entire nation, a law enforcement agency may be involved. Thus, the police have a duty to maintain order and enforce criminal law based on their mission and jurisdiction.

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Adjudication- This is performed by the courts. It is a venue that seeks to solve disputes and administer justice. The prosecutor presents the case on behalf of the state, the defense attorney argues the case in order to exonerate the accused while the judge, though the help of the jury, acquits or convicts the accused, and reads the sentence thereof. In the USA, the defendant is allowed to bargain his plea whereby he may plead, guilty or not guilty. Despite the fact that the courts are meant to administer justice, there have been cases, where justice has been obscured by elements, such as racial discrimination and bias (Schmalleger, 2006).

Corrections - Upon the declaration that the accused party is guilty; they are transferred to correctional centers, where they serve their sentence. It could also be in form of monetary fines, probation or house arrest. Different crimes have different forms of punishment. Over the years, the death penalty has been debated upon as being a violation of human rights. In the USA, this form of punishment has been greatly refuted. However, this form of capital punishment is still practiced in some parts of the world. At the end of the day, the objective should be that the offender learns from his mistakes and corrects his or her behavior so as to avert any form of punishment in the future. This ensures that they become productive individuals in the society (Samaha, 2006).

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Criminal Justice is extremely crucial in the society. This is because it seeks to alleviate the harm caused by offenders. Containing them in correctional centers ensures that they reflect on the mistakes that they committed. As such, once they leave the centers, they are likely to be disciplined, and not cause any harm to the other members of the society.

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