American Expansionism and Imperialism

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, American expansionism concentrated on bordering regions. This was aimed at improving security as well as economy expansion.  Imperialism was the effort to put social and cultural features like language on other countries to advance political and commercial benefits. Ideology and culture played a major role in American expansionism and imperialism during this period.

Cultural, economic and political factors encouraged the elites to support economic expansion. Consequently they fully supported an imperialistic program in the United States. In addition, these factors shaped the belief system regarding the rights of American society as well as the solutions made. Ideology and culture also influenced the formation of an Open Door policy and hence a new American alliance with Japan. It also contributed to the oppression of the Filipinos by the United States. Ideology aided in the American expansionism by making sure that America shared its federal government with other countries in the world. The main goal was to enlighten the word for expansionism to take place.

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The ideology, known as manifest destiny, was a movement that was very aggressive and imperialistic. Ideology also greatly influenced the conversion of the population to protestant Christianity (Weinberg 111). Manifest destiny assisted the Americans settlers to get Texas from Mexico because they were able to form a rebellion. Eventually Texas became the United State's territory.  The Culture and ideology possessed by the European settlers who later forcefully formed the white supremacist government resulted to Native American oppression. They were conquered and removed from their traditional lands in the name of civilization. Civilization was seen as a key step towards the spread of Christianity among the 'heathens'.

The American policies were affected domestically and across international countries. Culture and ideology also brought about the western expansion movement that occurred towards the pacific. This expansion movement further strengthened the influence of Americans outside their natural borders. Consequently Americans could easily amass support beyond their borders. Throughout the nineteenth century, Americans were discussing issues on expansionism and imperialism until they extended and stabilized their boarders.

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