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The mode of presentation depends on the type of data and the method used in analyzing the data. Virtually, there are numerous ways in which data can be presented. Essentially, data can be presented either in written or visual way. However, some methods require the use of both written and visual forms of presentations. It is done through the use of data presented in text form, tables and visual diagrams. In a research, data presentation is the most critical part in delivering the final report, proposal or even demonstrations based on research findings. Thus, some presentations, such as demonstrations, must have strong visual elements to ensure that there is clarity, and that the information is conveyed in the best possible way (Mellenbergh, 2008, p. 130). Due to the use of projectors and slides, visual presentations can be obtained. In this case, data is supplemented where it is possible.

With the use of computer projectors and such programs as Microsoft PowerPoint, it is easy to transfer the data. In addition, it is possible to produce tangible data with the printed slides. As stated earlier, the methods used in data presentation vary, depending on the type of data to be presented. For instance, using graphs for displaying information with the axis mainly aims at representing the aids for specific audience who will be in a position to understand these graphs. Schwab (2009, p. 332) argues that this form of presentation does not require a researcher to interpret what the graphs actually represent, since it is easy to interpret and understand the data.

Normally, standard bar graphs are used for comparing relatively limited number of objects. It is also used to show direct visual relationship when using small number of items. Richard (1984, p. 93) found out that pie-charts are an easy method of dissecting pieces of something that is whole. The charts are also able to show the relationship when comparing the total findings. Multiple graphs are also used. They act as a method of providing additional information in complex relationships between data. Graphs should be presented in a concise manner. Such presentations can easily evoke questions from the interested parties, hence illuminating the data and creating additional interpretation to the whole data.


Discussion involves stipulating what the research findings are really meaningful. In addition, one has to explain the rationale behind the found results, and the significance of the findings to the overall research. Anthony (2003, p. 56) argues that discussions also entails carrying out a close study of the results and identifying factors that affected the results in a positive or negative way. Questions evoke during discussions, as various findings are related and contrasted in order to find the meaning behind them.

Data Presentation. Custom Data Presentation Essay Writing Service || Data Presentation Essay samples, help

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