The Discrimination

Discrimination is one of the factors that forces Halima to immigrate to Spain, her husband has bias over her as a woman. He refuses to give her the divorce she wants; as a result, she leads an abusive life with her husband. When a chance to get out of the marriage prevails itself, she does not hesitate; she takes the boat for the journey headed to journey. When in Spain, Aziz is not recognized by the native Spaniards, they are not ready to accept him into their society, and he lives an isolated life that is full of discrimination from the locals of Madrid town.

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The push ad pull factors play a very big role in the decision making of the characters to immigrate, the push factors in Morocco include such as lack of jobs, family conflicts that are evident in the abusive marriage among some characters. The push factors that the characters expect in Morocco include such as better lives and god paying jobs.  Unluckily, the push factors that they experienced in Morocco are the same they experience in Spain. For instance, they cannot get jobs as they do not have credentials to their name and thus no good living standards. In addition, the Spain migration officials are always a hindrance to their comfort in Spain. Despite the fact that two of the characters succeed to migrate to Spain without getting intercepted by the officials, the writer explains their lives as not so good as the characters whose attempt to emigrate failed. For instance, Aziz lives a life that full of isolation, the society is not ready to accept him (Laila 134). Halima is deported back to morocco where live had proved to be vey difficult for her, however, with time, she is able to find peace with herself and is comfortable with what she has in life.

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