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Behavioral magnitude is the ethical repute of a human being. In the social life behavior is the core component to deal with the society in good or bad manner. Moreover, behavior signifies the interpersonal relational as well as reflects the linguistic relation between the human beings. Therefore, it is difficult to sustain a balanced behavioral magnitude on every moment and always have strengthened ethical repute to be the best forever. Hence, it is understood that every human being faces several ethical dilemmas in his/her life. These dilemmas eventually leave a lesson and grant experience to the sufferer which is valuable. Therefore, the thing which matters is accepting the weaknesses and learn lessons to not to revise them again. The true success is in the appropriate resolution of the dilemmas.

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Myself and the dilemma I faced:

Defining myself, basically I have a sensitive personality which always pinches me to take care of others and be sincere with everyone. Although, other people define it as a weakness in my personality due to its non-synchronous relationship with the wicked social system we have. But, personally I want to be the same forever I cannot put someone in hardness and also apply it to myself. Therefore, actually I am admirer of myself.

The dilemma I faced was about blind trust. I have a flaw in my personality that I trust anyone without any examination and offer my best to him. Then the distrust response from the other side hurts me and made me unhappy and put me in dilemmatic situation. Last year I had a friend very close to me, very dear to me. I always worked for his betterment with extraordinarily trust on him. But, on the contrary, he leaves me in my hard time when I was helpless and hopeless. This response from my best friend hurts me a lot and put me in dilemmatic situation. This happens not only because of the hard time I had but also due to the dreadful response from my dear friend in my terrible circumstances.

My resolution to the ethical dilemma:

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In the course of resolving the ethical quandary I have. I put myself in the real time example of wicked society. It gives me a chance to identify my mismatching personality constituent to match them accordingly. My process of resolving the dilemma is as under:

I accepted my weakness:

The first thing which put me in the dilemmatic state was my blind trust which was not workable in the real world. Therefore, the first thing which I believe was the base of my success was I accepted it as my weakness and start working to convert my weakness into strength. Moreover, accepting the problem is considered half to resolve it.

Worked out about weaknesses:

After accepting the weakness of blind trust in my personality, I worked out to resolve it. In the resolution course it was not easy to change my natural personality but at the same time it was mandatory for me to synchronize my personality with the prevailing happenings. Constant working on my weakness eventually changed my nature to fitting it with the customaries.

My synchronized personality according to the customaries:

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Even though, it was not my decision to tailor my personality traits. But, it was damn mandatory to synchronize my personality according to the prevailing happenings. Now I am quite successful in my personality alteration and can more resourcefully deal with the circumstances which brought dilemma for me before.


Every ethical dilemma cannot be driven by you, but, your surroundings or society can also engage you in the ethical dilemmas. This is the time when your intelligence counts that how you deal with the diatribes. Therefore, a systematic and smooth process of identifying and rectifying the problems can grant the harmony.

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