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Reflection Journal

Critical writing has been a very useful course to me. It takes an ability to think both deeply and reasonably in order to be able to analyze texts and to write essays that connect various ideas from different texts.

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There are several main things I have learned from this session. First of all, I developed my critical thinking. Now it is much easier for me to identify the main themes and analyze the content of a text I read. I also notice the details I would not have noticed before studying this course, and it helps me to find the hidden ideas while reading texts. Secondly, I developed my writing skills. I learned to make claims properly and to build arguments in order to support my claims. I also expanded my vocabulary, and therefore I am able to write much better than I used to. Last, but not least – I learned how to format documents in a proper way. My documentation skills went one level up.

As I have mentioned already, the Critical writing course changed my ways of thinking. It also made me review some of my convictions. For example, I used to do more of a research rather than doing a deep and thorough analysis of the information that had already been available. Now I realize that I was wrong – research is very important, but it is necessary to be able to analyze even small amount of information.

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One of the things I learned in this session that I am able to use in the future is an ability to communicate effectively. After the development of my critical thinking, reading and writing skills, I can get more information from what other people tell me. I also can think everything through and define, whether the information I got is true or not.

While taking a look at my portfolio, I must admit I have confronted some difficulties as I was writing my assignments. The first one was about making a proper claim. The claim is one of the most important elements of the essay. If it is not clear enough, or is worded incorrectly, the whole essay might go wrong. There is no sense in writing an essay any further, if the claim was made in a wrong way. The second difficulty was about doing more of a research rather than analyzing the question. It was too easy for me to get carried away and to provide lots of information, forgetting about the necessity to actually transform and evaluate it. The third difficulty was to support the argument with correct reasons. Though almost always I knew which reasons were necessary to be written down, sometimes I just worded them incorrectly or forgot to include my personal statement as an addition to the facts. There also used to be a problem with incorrect formatting, but now I know all about MLA format.

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I really enjoyed studying this course. It was not just purely useful; it was a pleasure for me to learn how to write in order to prove my points. Now I am able to think effectively and to tell what my opinion so that it would look clear and truthful. The knowledge I got in this course will help me to make my future better.

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