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Making friends is an art that people should learn in life. Friends enrich one’s life. They care, help when needed, encourage, congratulate, and criticize among other things. Friends sometimes help us see the part of life that a person cannot see as instructed by Harry Ingham and Joseph Luft that have formulated Johari window strategy. There are different ways of making friends. Some of them are discussed below.

Firstly, making friends involves having people around. One must to go out and associate with people because friends never come knocking on doors. Some of the best ways to communicate with others is to get involved in activities. Different organizations or clubs usually hold activities which help meeting new people significantly. On the other hand, looking for people with common ideas helps to a large extent, but this is not always the case.

Talking plays a pivotal role in making and interacting with new acquaintances. There are many ways of starting a conversation, for example, say “hi” or “hello”. This may mark the start of a new friendship. Talking should never be tiresome during the first time. Keeping an eye contact and having a smiling face adds chances of having a responsive answer from a new person. Therefore, do not frown, look bored, or troubled while making the first move. After having a conversation, always introduce yourself at the end.

When you have spent some time with a new person, try to remember as many facts about the new friend as possible. To achieve this, be an attentive listener; a reliable and trustworthy friend, and always helpful. Lastly, it is essential to remain oneself while making friends. Do not pretend to be someone else. If, for example, your character is funny, always make another person laugh. Emphasis on the exceptional and unique abilities makes the other person respond positively.

In conclusion, making friends is easy when following correct steps. It will look absurd, for example, to invite a new person to your home. It is crucial to choose friends wisely as friendship is an essential part of people’s life. 

How to Make Friends. Custom How to Make Friends Essay Writing Service || How to Make Friends Essay samples, help

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