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I hereby confirm receipt of your request. I am glad that you brought this subject to my attention in time, thereby allowing me to critically look at the foregone benefits against other alternatives. I also feel happy to have responded to you promptly with a view to create adequate room for proper adjustment.

I find this year’s Easter event untenable. The reason being, our company is currently experiencing financial crunch. This has been necessitated by the present high tax rate, reduced returns and increased corporate spending on direct business expenses. The global economic recession has not helped either. This company has also embarked on an ambitious face-lift program. These include physical infrastructural renovations, hiring of skilled and competent management staff and finally effecting job-cuts on unnecessary services handled by staff of lowest cadres.

In addition to the above reasons, our company has of late embraced diversity in staff employment. We have done this in an attempt to represent a national face as per the new constitutional requirement. It is also due to our placement in the world business chart as a renowned international firm. The diversity takes into account the race, religion and personal interests for example hobbies.

In view of the aforesaid reasons, I find it prudent to exit this program and come up with other alternatives that are cost effective, self satisfying and inclusive of all interested parties. My observation is that we can reserve for ‘Spring Party’ or ‘Potluck dinner’ instead of this event since they don’t discriminate against any religion. Easter celebration is mainly for Christians hence biased against Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.

Christians Hence. Custom Christians Hence Essay Writing Service || Christians Hence Essay samples, help

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