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“My fellow Americans, guests, the Vice president, Speaker and members of the congress,” was an opening speech by President Obama as per the Times reporters on his fact check as he spoke lengthy list of domestic and economic proposal. Based on his slogan of “Yes we can,” the president said that his generation is of heroes, and that is what has put America on the spotlight for security and respect from other continents.

The President’s intentions of the State House Union speech was to convey a potent, influential, populist plea for economic and just policies, and higher levies on the wealth, developing a stark difference with the Republicans contesting to get him out in November.  To signal the effectual start of the coming general elections, the president directed many barbs to Mitt Romney, the leader of the Republicans though he did not call him by names. The Republicans hoped that was the last State of Union Address from Mr. Obama.

The president stated steps he believed would change the developing economic upturn, making the case that the government should decrease inequalities of in richness. The Republican felt the president’s speech was short on goals but long on campaign-style rhetoric. 

His main areas of concern were; without self-acclamation, under President Obama’s headship in nine years, and there are no records showing Americans fighting in Iraq. He declared the evidence hunt of Al-Qaeda proved by the bereavement of Osama bin Laden, who was the founder of the Al-Qaeda, propagandist and plotter for terrorist networks Anwar-al-Awlaki and suspected militants in Pakistan. At some point, the president sent the Navy seal team to Pakistan without communicating with the Pakistan officials. This was such an extensive step attracting appreciation from the Republicans (Schmidt, 56). 

The president describes his country as one within their reach and a country that has shown the rest of the world how to educate its citizens. He also emphasizes that it attracts new generations due to well paying jobs and other opportunities. His country’s economy is built to the end being conscientious pays. Just as they made it before there is room for enhancement to be the strongest financial system in the world in terms of Corporate Tax reform. The President stated everybody must be responsible for tax. He warned companies moving jobs and profits abroad whilst companies that operate in America pay vast taxes, which are a loss and are all aware of it. Settling taxes bills by Multinational companies’ helps in reducing the taxes for those who have chosen to remain in America (Wayne 76). 

Obama has doubled America’s export by having their market having access to sell their products globally. The president set a goal to double America’s export over five years. There was an agreement through signing into law. He said that they were heading to the right direction of achieving the goal ahead of plan.  He reminded the Americans of the trade cases they had made against china twice and the difference they brought. In addition, he promised that he would go everywhere to establish fresh markets for their products and will not stand and see competitors breaking the rules. President Obama encouraged his nation to work hard to discourage surge in of sound like software, music and movies. He terms it as incorrect and unfair when a far-off manufacturer takes them to their advantage because they are extremely subsidized. In connection, he announced the creation of Trade Enforcement Unit in charge of investigating illegal trade practices (Logan 157).

The president pointed and emphasized on the importance of education by saying, “Top-notch education is the single most essential aspect in determining not just if the children will contend for the best jobs not only in America but also in the whole world. He said American enterprise leaders recognize when its matters of education, the state need to improve. He appreciated joint effort to put the best education within rich for the American children.

He explained the prerequisite is supporting the community colleges to advance to community career institutions. This is where people are equipped with skills required in the business world. He concludes by saying it is their time to turn things around from unemployment to re-employment, putting the nation to work.

The military in Obama’s leadership is well cared. The President is proud of them. He asserted to having a defense strategy ensuring Americans of having the best military on earth. America spends $500 billion annually on its military close to a collective budget of other militaries in the universe. He appreciated their work by saying, “Of all things the freedom of America endures because of women and Men in uniform who shield it.”  He noted there is the need to respect the military when they come home. They deserve care and their benefits by serving them as they have served us.

Mr. Obama spoke of ending the Iraq war. He said there was the need to stop the war in Afghanistan. He said that there was a promise of continued transition to Afghanistan leading to a lasting partnership, so that it could not attack America. The president fails to note following the pull out of American troops political, and violence instability has totally engulfed Iraq. The Presidents closing speech was a plea to unity. He began by talking of the military, reminding them that their race is irrelevant, what are crucial is being your brother’s keepers or else the possibility to accomplish your goal could be futile. The slogan was to be serving a single nation and leaving no one at the back (McNamara & Melanie 127).

I am totally in terms with what the president said in his speech. America is the backbone of the whole universe. Since Mr. Obama took over the presidential seat, a lot has changed. For instance, the economy has gone up, improved health facilities, education and killing of the Al-Qaeda that he vowed to fight. 

By looking at the American flag, President Obama remembered of a stitched fate just like the 50 stars and the 13 stripes. America’s greatness as a state is collective efforts of many hands not a single person. He believes there is nothing out of reach as long as there is unity as a binding factor. He blessed the United States and the audience. By saying, “God bless the United States of America and God bless the people of America.” (Corsi 300).

President’s Obama 2012 State. Custom President’s Obama 2012 State Essay Writing Service || President’s Obama 2012 State Essay samples, help

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