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In Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, he does not view success as material wealth accumulation. He says that success is not always a result of hardwork but understanding of human nature and observing the law of nature. He says that these laws that make nature of forest would bring the fulfillment of human’s deepest desires. D.Chopra says that life is a journey, and success is one component that makes it enjoyable. He defines success as the ability of having a decent life with energy, fantastic health, and the chance to fulfill your objectives. D.Chopra believes that enjoying the coolness of nature and exercising the ability to stay silent and meditate makes one believe in his true potential. In his second law of giving and third law of cause and effect, he says that what we give to this world is what we shall eventually have. He illustrates clearly that we shall reap what we sow. He goes ahead and says that the intentions and desire that we have always led us to success.

D.Chopra’s laws have a strong contradiction. His second and third law clearly say that what we give to the world is what we will get back. If you stayed at home and applied little effort to everything you are doing, you shall always get poor results. Poor people do not appear successful despite being peaceful. He gives people advice about sowing better things to reap greater rewards, but he still tells people that success does not require a lot of hardwor (Gladwell 25). This is a total contradiction, because it leaves the reader in a state of confusion as he or she does not know whether to put much effort or not.

In any case, human beings will always regard people with material wealth as more successful than their spiritual wealth counterparts. Every human being would always prefer material wealth than the spiritual wealth. In trying to build a strong foundation for their generations to come, people will always prefer material wealth since their spiritual wealth will be not helpful to the younger generation. Not many people have achieved both spiritual and material wealth, but those who did are the ones with the correct definition of the word success.

Deepak Chopra. Custom Deepak Chopra Essay Writing Service || Deepak Chopra Essay samples, help

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