The Kings of Rock 'n' Roll – Legends in concert

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“The Kings of Rock 'n' Roll – Legends in concert” is a short version of the London Rock 'n' Roll show live at Wembley Stadium 1972.  The video contains prominent live performances of the world’s greatest rock 'n' roll artist, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and Little Richard.

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Rousing performance by Jerry Lee Lewis coupled with the frames of the audience create a bright picture of the cheerful atmosphere of the time.  His performance is marked with a flashing piano play, including tapping of the piano lid, playing with one hand and even with a leg, and of course followed by stirring shouts.

Bill Haley heats up the public with the songs that has already become the classics of the rock 'n' roll - “Rock Around the Clock” and “See You Later Alligator” with splendid guitar and saxophone solos.

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Little Richard confirms his claim that he is “the king of rock 'n' roll” with his shining costume, “Rip it up” and legendary “Tutti Frutti”.  The performance is full of heat and tension and is accompanied with piercing vocal and piano sets played in a standing position and dances on the piano.

Chuck Berry’s performance drove the public and the artist himself to frenzy and ecstasy with the outstanding guitar solos.  Even the technical upset could not spoil the dashing performance of such hits as “Sweet Little Sixteen”, “Oh, Carol” and “Little Queenie”.

It was the first concert held at the stadium and this “scorcher of a gig” gathered the “big guns” of the rock 'n' roll stage.  It was without dispute one of the most outstanding rock 'n' roll performances.

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While watching the concert I could hardly restrain myself from dancing.  It is kind of music that passes though the body as an impulse electrifying everything inside.  I’d rather say that it is not just music; it is a state of mind bordering on madness. It is furious energy coming from inside and turning everything upside down.  And this all is called with one word - rock 'n' roll.

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