Music Class Final Paper

Beethoven`s Emperor Concerto (Piano Concerto No. 5 in E Flat Major) is consists of three different movements – Allegro, Adagio un poco mosso, and Allegro ma non troppo. In my humble opinion, each of the three parts represent a ‘chapter’ of a story – a tale of bravery, courage, and triumph of peace over war. The piano, to my mind, plays a significant role in the concerto, as it is a solo instrument; though, it represents several personages at the same time.

The first movement opens up with solemn greetings to the Emperor himself – he enters a roomy hall, where grand people gathered for a ball. The ball began, and the music flows as if to praise the prosperity of the current state of affairs. The music narrates also of the enamourment of two young people – a soldier of the Emperor's army and a lovely woman. Suddenly, the war begins and the soldier is called up to fight. The piano passages show his inner feelings on the champ of battle – even on its bloody fields he recalls his beloved and the sounds of that marvelous night, when they danced. The trembling sounds of the piano also symbolize hope, which is still alive in the soldier's heart. At last, peace is restored – the army won the fight.

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The second movement narrates of the tranquility that reigns in the country – the peaceful tunes as if peep in the windows of citizen`s cozy homes and show that everybody is happy now. Prosperity and feeling of shelteredness, as well as love and tenderness fill the hearts of people, including the main characters, who already got married. The piano plays a gracious tune of serenity and delight.

The third movement seems to pedestal the great goddess of victory and show the celebration of the Emperor in his palace. The piano solo becomes more animate, which implies the Emperor's hot temper. The Concerto ends in a triumphant way. 

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