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Lollapalooza Music Festival 2010
Lollapalooza Music Festival 2010 concert was termed to be a beautiful blur. The concert was initiated in fine fashion, where pre-bash activities of Perez Hilton, and latter followed by an entertaining three-day wave of rock, pop and hip hop music. It this concert, it estimated that about 255,000 fans attended and all of them had good times throughout the concert. It took place along Chicago's lakefront, in Grant Park, where over 120 bands are recorded to have entertained the crowd.Throughout the concert, I was full of memories of Lady Gaga, Green Day, Phoenix, and the Arcade Fire. They rocked and made people go wild when performing on the stage. Another surprising fact about this concert is that the attendance for this year was found to be large than the attendance of 2009 performance. It had recorded around 85,000 per day, as compared to 75,000 that was recorded in 2009 performance. It was sad that the available rooms for fans were not enough to have all, as people were crammed together. Therefore, a suggestion was made for Lollapalooza address the issue expanding the facility or providing alternatives. They are also supposed to offer better services that come with interactive experiences.An experience that one cannot forget during the Lollapalooza 2010 festival is the presentation of Lady Gaga. Her live performance, one could be convinced in some way or another that Lady Gaga is Madonna's daughter. She gave a stunning performance and I was able to understand the two sides of Lady Gaga live. There is a side that can make someone respect and see her as a talented and extremely gifted performer. On the other side of Lady Gaga, one remains doubting about the overall authenticity and the originality of her unique art and the inspiring message of "Little Monster."
Frankly speaking, Lollapalooza Music Festival 2010 concert was a breath taking experience, as a large crowd of fans came out to enjoy and support there Celebrities. All events that went through three days made the event to be worth watched again, and this time the number could run out of control, as slightly experienced this year. This was an experience that I enjoyed a lot, especially meeting and seeing Lady Gaga perform live. Therefore, coming Saturday 6th November, 2010, I will make sure that everything is well with me to attend the concert of Tito Puente, Jr. that will be held at The Brooklyn College of Performing Arts, starting from 8 PM.

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