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The symphony shows  on a large scale the role  of motion in regard to  a musical goal. This kind of tension is the basis of the western music. The first movement  that  was  in traditional sonata form was  the 1960 powerful meter of Stravinsky. The tensions of the rythm are among it many wonders. The accented off beats continue to amuse  many  no matter how well they  seem to  know the music.There are  rests  which are  extended  surprisingly. Like in the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, the rhythmic vocabulary eighths and quarters , some half notes, sixteenths have been constrained. It scored in its revised version  for flute, two bassoons , two clarinets, two oboes, two horns, and strings. With trumpets and tipan missing.There  was a famous  use of the dotted figure in the previous  movement part, and of the rest quater dotted, climax building, is quite Beethovenian. There is restriction of thematic material, and is as free  of chromatics as any music of those times. The modulations, having a single exception, do not go to remote keys, but promote  the dominant and subdominant, and the excursions through F minor, D, E , E flat minor are very brief. The movement's most touching  episode was  the ending.The melody changes by an a one  single upper note which involves an octave leap bringing about extra brightness. He  seems to be sending the message of composing great music by use of simple methods. Instrumentation played  a  vital  place  during the initial movement, when six episodes are  presented  by different ensembles. The first movement begins with accompaniment rather than its first theme making it dark, and played with divided violas by the lower strings. The method of starting a work with an accompaniment figure was later employed in the final mozart's final piano concert.During  the first Stravinsky's visit, he  provided the first movement manuscript to him, and tried  to create a bond for future transactions but failed and them did  through Luxembourg, Stravinsky being was a composer whom was banned in the Third Reich, and Strecker was forbidden to send the royalties and proofs to him while in france. The first large-scale work for orchestra is the second symphoney. It employed the use of  Lutos%u0142awski's new conception of two-movement form.  He started to refine this newly gotten technique after his successes for the use in future. He believed that form should be important but simple composition part. Allegro, is the piece body which is not longer than the introduction, is music that is rollicking, is simple thematically, syncopated, duets which are lightly scored, constant varying instrumental colours in trios. Aqlot of the  music is diatonic, being a full work having one exception.  Scales appear in the all three movements. The eighteenth-century classical form and harmonic language have been used. Instrumental virtuosity is well featured in the second movement.  After the second, after the third, and before the fourth,  first variation is repeated in the fugal slow movement, and a dense harmonically Octet.
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According to this  style, Stravinsky saw that  the division of the symphony into halves is crucial. The first two movements which was composed in Europe, utilises ancient rhythmic harmonizations and patterns. The last two movements are more chromatic,  use frequent modulations of rhythm. His use of motivic development is raised by the use of repeated musical figures in different guises in the composation Notes are subtracted or added to a motif in this stage without regard to the subsequent  changes in meter.He was noted for his unique rhythm use . Pushing of the rhythms across the bar lines is the idea that  led the way to  the rhythmic structure of music.

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The symphony continues to  be a regular gerne among most modern composers,though the traditional four movement are  frequently disregarded. The two movements  will always be remembered for their much impact to the current performances.symphony  inthe three movements uses  materials written by Stravinsky and is a style for when composing music for is violen tand highly rythmical while still maintraining a neoclassical organization.Although Symphony in C is based on abstract ideas ,the later compositions made  use of pressing social concerns.

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