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The Elements of Music
Music is an art of communication that is based on sounds and systematic arrangements of various elements. These elements are the components through which music is created as they determine the quality that is to be achieved.  They are, sound, rhythm, harmony, tonality and texture. These elements all have a specific role to play in music and the removal of even one of them will lead to an unbalanced final product (Dawson, 2008).Sound is the basic element that communicates to the listeners. It has various properties which include pitch, dynamics, tone color, and duration by which a vibration is held without interruption. As Dawson (2008) notes, it's closely linked with the element of rhythm that ensures that definite patterns are achieved in the music. Rhythm like wise has it own properties like betas, meter and tempo which are necessary for the creation of a good progression.
Harmony on the other hand is the element that ensures that two or more tones producing sound at the same time concur, while the elements of tonality and texture define the relationship of these tones. Texture as an element can either be monophonic characterized by production of a single musical line, or polyphonic where multiple lines played together (Turek, 1996).
If one of the elements for example harmony is eliminated, then disarray will occur. There will be a clash of sounds and tones which would lead to an unbalanced product of music. Harmony being the tonal arrangement is the element that ensures order in the progression of the sound. If it's eliminated, patterns of arrangements will be compromised and the quality of sound thereafter affected.All elements are important in music and removal of even one of them will have an effect on the rest. The arrangement of music depends on a combination of all these elements and a little flaw translates to an undesirable final product.

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