Reimbursement for Medical Services

The subsidies allocation for the escalating cost of prescription drugs is an advantage for the average and low earning American family setting. The enactment of the program in the form of a legislative proposal and subsequent adoption into the Medicare program can be seen as a beneficial factor for the disadvantaged population.  “Despite the sharp cost increases in health care expenditures, the pressure to make more services available is intense, particularly among older Americans” (Aaron, Lambrew & Healy, 2008). This significantly reduces the aspect of dependency among the general American population leading to increased health outcomes for this vulnerable group of persons in dire need of health care services.

Economically, when one does a cost benefit analysis through a critical review of the recent world economic events during which United States was the most affected, then the inclusion of prescription drug plan and medical advantage plan into the program is bound to have a profound effect. “The most notable achievement during this time, the addition of Medicare Part D, covering prescription drugs, was an especially important expansion of benefits” (Aaron, Lambrew & Healy, 2008). The program has therefore helped to offset some of the negative impacts of the currency value fluctuations and other economic measures.

Cons of the Program

In a study carried out to establish the impact of part D in health care delivery among psychiatric patients, it was established that there is significant effect upon health care staff in terms of work load. The results indicated drug plan features, access to medication, and increase in administrative burden among physiatrists subsequently resulting into limited time for patient care (Wilk et al, 2008).  In addition, due to increasing population vulnerability levels especially with regard to psychiatric patients there was bound to be a detrimental effect on their health status resulting in poor outcomes.

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