Nursing should only be taught in University

In many different countries in the world  have always preferred  that  nursing and other career courses should be taken as one  qualifies for university levels it is be well known that  School is for gathering knowledge; it acts as a stepping stone to  the foundation for choices young adults make for the rest of their lives. (p.9) Young adults and students at large should at least pass through university so that as they grow intellectually to be able to clearly understand what they really want to become in life.  

Nursing education in university is very important this is because patients need to have confidence and should be able to see the nurses as adults who can take good care of them. Nursing is mainly about caring for people of all ages, races and cultures with serious and acute health care needs, and for those patients with longer term and alleviating care needs. The university education gives a student a chance to be able to deal with a broad variety of situations at all times.

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University graduate nurses have skills to meet the spiritual, psychological, physical and common needs of patients, supporting and helping them through care pathways and working with other health and social care intellectuals to make the most of chances for recuperation, treatment, adjustment to continuing disease and disability, health education and health advertisement.

Nursing is there a career path that should be taught in  university these is mainly because in all higher learning institutions the education is systematic and the entire learning session students follow a  sequence as they advance they learn more complicated lessons. When compared to being taught in hospital these students may end up doing things in a mixed manner which mostly results to confusion. In cases of confusion or not being systematic a lot of serious mistakes may occur which leads to unnecessary loss of innocent lives. Learning in hospital is not appropriate for a person who aims at becoming a professional in future.

Nursing includes a range of specialties and definitions that vary from country to country. Nurses are skilled on implementing, assessing, planning, and evaluating care independently of physicians, and they offer support from basic triage to emergency surgery.(p.19) Nursing provides care for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities or other health care facilities and in the community.

The Nursing schools in Australia have an outstanding reputation internationally given that they offer high quality nurse education programs designed to service every part of the health care industry. Students who pursue nursing in Australia obtain the highest quality training which will prepare them to work within a wide variety of health care industry.(p.21) The Australian nurse learning courses can be studied all through the country and can follow a number of different specializations. Nursing encompasses self-directed and collaborative care of individuals of different ages, groups, families and communities, sick or well and in all circumstances.(p.34)

Nursing involves the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and dying people helping all no matter their culture or age. Advocacy, promotion of a safe and clean environment, research, contribution in positively influencing health policy and in patient and health systems management, and education are also key nursing roles. (Australia, 1999 para 5)

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One be able to can make a difference. As a nurse, you may work in any area of the world and are part of the largest single health care occupation. You are preferably placed to advance the value and delivery of health care to patients and their families. There is substantial and convincing evidence to show that nurses make a difference to the health and well-being of individuals, families and the population at large.

Nursing is therefore described as complicated and should be taught in the university level this is so as to even gain confidence to the patients who are happy to know that the nurse taking care of them is well learned. (p.34) Nurses who learn in hospital may not learn all that is required especially the medicines a lot of cases have been reported due to wrong drugs prescription.

By all means and in most countries according to many nursing rules it’s advisable to learn in university other than in hospital. It should also be well noted that students learning nursing in university also do practical’s with the hospitals the universities collaborate with but this is done only when the students have done the theory part, this is done under strict supervision so as to make sure learners apply what they learn in class.(p.35)

With all analysis that have been done in many different in the world this have proved that learning in university is far much preferred than learning in hospital the reasons are well elaborated in the power point.

In conclusion it has been seen that many hospitals in Australia and even other parts of the world hospitals with a higher percentage of degree educated nurses also have better ratios, better working conditions for nurses because they are well aware of what they are doing and cannot be taken advantage by the doctors who in view the nurses learning in hospitals as not well educated. Research has also proved that patients have better chances of survival when they are attended to by well educated and more qualified staff on the wards. (p.46)

In long time the untrained nurses are said to have informed their bosses that the number of qualified nurses helps to improve patient survival opportunities this has been seen that the nurses who have learned in hospital are not well qualified which has caused countless deaths of patients because of these attitudes. The nursing career was not respected even a little bit when the nurses were all hospital trained. The hospital trained nurses were seen not heard they were seen as not educated and were ignored. (Australia, 1999 para 5)

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In most countries it has been strictly said that all nurses have to have degrees in order to be a registered nurse this move has therefore been taken with the aim of improving patient care and elevating the position of nurses from the perception that they are just handmaidens to the educated doctors.(p.50)

For there to be a healthy nation and as it has been approved by authoritative organizations in Australia and other countries it is right that good nurses for all patients should be well educated. It is therefore true that the nurses who don't think kill.

Nurses who do not understand the reasons behind what they are doing can kill, this has been evident since long time ago and it should be avoided by letting students learn in the university other than in hospital.

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