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Putting the Public in Public Health New Approaches. Custom Putting the Public in Public Health New Approaches Essay Writing Service || Putting the Public in Public Health New Approaches Essay samples, help

In the article “Putting the Public in Public Health: New Approaches” by Georges Benjamin, the author discusses several ways in which the public can be involved to ensure that high public health standards are maintained. First and foremost, it is important to understand what public health is. Public health can be defined as the art and science of prolonging life, putting off disease and encouraging health by means of informed choices and prearranged efforts of organizations, society, private and public, communities and individuals. It deals with pressure arising due to health founded on population health study. The populace in query can be as undersized as a handful of individuals or as big as all the population of numerous continents, for example, in cases of pandemics. The scope of health can include a condition of total mental, physical and societal welfare and not just the nonexistence of disease or illness, as defined by the World Health Organization.Public health integrates the interdisciplinary advances of biostatistics, health services and epidemiology. Public policy, community health, health economics, behavioral health, environmental health, insurance medicine, and occupational medicine or rather occupational health are other significant subfields.

The focal point of public health intercession is to advance quality of life and health via the preclusion and treatment of disease and other mental and physical health state of affairs. This is done through the promotion of healthy behaviors and observation of cases. Encouragements of breastfeeding, hand washing, vaccination, and the distribution of condoms to manage the spread of sexually transmitted infections are instances of widespread public health measures. In his article, Benjamin (2006) alleges that the system is greatly concerned with treatment and curing of diseases and puts less focus on preventing the onset or totally preventing the disease. However, this is not the case in modern public health system. In the recent past, public health organizations have been involved in various campaigns to prevent diseases by making vaccines, encouraging breastfeeding, hand washing among many other methods. These campaigns are aimed at preventing numerous diseases rather than treating them.

Contemporary public health systems necessitate multidisciplinary groups of professional as well as physicians focusing in public health, community development workers, public health nurses, public health inspectors, public health engineers, medical microbiologists, public health lawyers, environmental health officers, dental hygienists, dietitians, nutritionists, veterinarians, communications officers, and sociologists among others. Benjamin (2006) is concerned with the role an individual can play to ensure high standards of public health. It is well observed that he encourages the community to take part in ensuring public health. “It is time to find ways to more effectively engage the public in the changing of community norms to support their health.” (Benjamin, 2006, p. 1040).

Although, this is necessary and it is clearly evident that the individuals play a significant role in supporting the general public health. Therefore, it is important to involve other organization such as the government and nongovernmental organization to ensure that public health is improved. These organizations are also important in funding projects that ensure that public health is improved. The government on the other hand is also greatly involved in policy making therefore ensuring that those individuals or industries that carry out activities that may be a threat to others health are punished accordingly. Thus, it would not be of great value if every organization works independently in improving public health. Instead, public health should be achieved through collective responsibility by involving all the stakeholders (Tulchinsky & Varavikova, 2009).

In conclusion, individual efforts are not enough to ensure wellness. Therefore, efforts by the government and nongovernmental organizations are very important in ensuring wellness. More so, these organizations have played a critical role in prevention of various diseases.

Putting the Public in Public Health New Approaches. Custom Putting the Public in Public Health New Approaches Essay Writing Service || Putting the Public in Public Health New Approaches Essay samples, help

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