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Michael Moore’s documentary Sicko offers an indictment of the American healthcare industry and a compelling view of the health challenges facing many. America has been in the forefront of making meaningful economic reforms, but Moore’s documentary paints a grim picture of the American healthcare environment (Moore, 2007). The documentary shifts focus on the role of healthcare insurers and pharmaceutical firms in shaping the healthcare arena at a time when American public and political class are seeking to change the health care system. While the documentary recognized the milestone of American health care system, which has received praise from many modern economies, it does expose the lack of heath care security facing many Americans. Because of the exploitative nature of healthcare insurers, tough economic times, negative impact health insurers produce, it is necessary for the American government to take responsibility of proving health care to people who work and those who are not employed.

The number of people with no medical insurance is one of the prime reasons that underscore why the American government should take responsibility in providing health care to all Americans. Sicko provides a startling revelation that many Americans believe they have insurance, but actually many of them are underinsured (Moore, 2007). The underinsurance of American people is a consequence that makes many of them not qualify for all health cover they need. As illustration, Moore presents a scenario where a patient fails to receive care because his insurer did not cover addition treatment. Indeed, the high underinsurance of American people portrays a worrying trends the government must correct to improve people’s access to health care services. With many people having no insurance cover, government’s assistance in proving cover will definitely ameliorate the pathetic access to health care in America. Because many Americans lack health insurance, government efforts will help increase insurance cover.

Moore argues that many health care insurers aim at reducing the losses rather than providing health care to Americans, and this justifies why the government should take responsibility of proving health care to Americans. Sicko raises an important argument about many people not having better medical cover, as many insurers are more concerned in making profits than in providing health care to Americans. In the documentary, Moore argues that health care insurers in America are profit-oriented and seek the ways of maximizing their profits while many Americans continue to face the devastating impact of limited care they receive from medical institutions. Given the aim of most health insurers to make profit, it would be imperative for the government to take charge of providing health care to all American people because most of them will not receive health care unless they are willing to pay more money than they have. Paying for one’s medical cover is an important, but challenging issue that many Americans cannot afford. For this reason, the government’s involvement will certainly improve people’s access to medical cover against the insurers who are mindful of making profits.

Government involvement in taking care of its citizen’s health will allow America’s health to rise and become one of the most successful health care systems. Today, there are various paradigms which provide users with delivering health care services. One of the approaches favors a socialist paradigm, which has worked effectively in countries such as France and Cuba, demonstrating that the government can pay for the health care for its medical cover. By the U.S government taking responsibility in providing medical care, the government will transform the existing health care system and provide a platform where Americans will have access to health care irrespective of their ability pay for health care. While many modern economies hold the American health care system with high esteem, government involvement in providing health care will enable Americans to enjoy effective medical care in an effective heath care system.

A significant portion of America’s population finds it challenging to pay for the medical needs because medical covers are more expensive in America than in other countries such as Canada. The essence of health insurance in meeting medical needs of Americans underscore the high cost that many Americans have to contend when they become sick. However, many Americans believe that medical insurance can cater for their cost, but this is not always the case. However, tough economic times facing many Americans make them disadvantaged when paying huge medical fees. The government can alleviate the tough economic challenges many Americans are going through, regardless whether they are working or not. In addition, the U.S government will play an instrumental role in ensuring that many Americans access medical cover despite their economic challenges.

There is no doubt that lack of adequate medical cover predispose Americans, both working and not, to diseases that reduce their ability to work, and this ultimately reduces the productivity of American nation. Currently, many Americans have to contend with periodic visits to hospitals to treat diseases that keep recurring. Besides, the lack of adequate cover means that some Americans will have to wait before receiving care when their insurers cannot meet their needs. During such periods, the work productivity will reduce, affecting the overall performance of the U.S economy. In another perspective, Americans with no jobs will increase reliance on their families, which will consequently, increase their medical burden. Nonetheless, the government can transform this situation by providing health care services.

In conclusion, Sicko exposes health care insurers as seeking to make profits at the expense of providing care (Moore, 2007). However, the government must provide care to the working people as well as to the unemployed to protect them from exploitation, transform healthcare, improve economic performance, and provide Americans with an adequate insurance

Sicko and Health Care. Custom Sicko and Health Care Essay Writing Service || Sicko and Health Care Essay samples, help

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