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Legalizing Marijuana Use for Recreational Purposes. Custom Legalizing Marijuana Use for Recreational Purposes Essay Writing Service || Legalizing Marijuana Use for Recreational Purposes Essay samples, help

Since time immemorial, the use of marijuana has been prohibited and illegalized in many countries across the world. This is because of the belief that marijuana has no positive impact on the human body. Since then, marijuana has been associated with all negative and crazy things that humans do. It is this fact that led scientist to carryout research on the positive effect of marijuana on human beings (Messamore, 2012). Since the beginning of these researches, marijuana has been found to be of great significance to humans as it can play or facilitate significant body systems and processes. These facts have led to a question of whether the use of marijuana should be legalized or not. However, based on the scientific proofs and evidence I would like to recommend that we should legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes.

The use of marijuana for recreational purposes should be legalized. This is due to its many advantages. To start with, prohibiting the use of marijuana is infringement of human rights in accordance to our constitution which asserts that all citizens have constitutional rights to make choices regarding their bodies, properties, finances, and lives. Hence, by illegalizing use of marijuana, we are preventing them to make their choice thus violating their constitutional rights (Messamore, 2012). Furthermore, it has been proved scientifically that cigarette causes cancer, and alcohol causes liver diseases. To confirm this, it is written on cigarette packets and alcohol bottles that their excessive use is harmful to the human body, yet they are all acceptable for human use. Marijuana should also be legalized based on the same principle used to legalize alcohol and cigarette.

Eidelman & Voth (70) asserts that in addition, the use of marijuana is safer compared to other legal alternatives. This is in accordance to Joycelyn Elders, former US Surgeon General who found that THC found in marijuana is not addictive like nicotine and caffeine. In addition, THC is not lethally poisonous to the body and brain when taken in excess the way alcohol does, yet they are lawful while marijuana is still prohibited despite the fact that it is not even an entry drug. Also, prohibiting the use of marijuana harms its addicts. Users of marijuana who suffer from a psychological addiction to the drug are stigmatized and marginalized by a policy that treats them as criminal, and not as patients seeking medical assistance. This is in spite of the fact that marijuana is not addictive physiologically, and its users are not subject physiological withdrawal symptoms if they stop its long-term use (Eidelman & Voth 72). Consequently, prohibition of marijuana prohibits them to seek medical assistance out of fear of being apprehended.     

According to (Eidelman & Voth 73), marijuana in many cases has been known to be used in the treatment of nausea especially that which arises from chronic illnesses like Chemotherapy and HIV. Other significant cases where it has been found to be effective include that of the muscle spasms which arise from multiple conditions like sclerosis and paraplegia. Because of many different modes in which marijuana can be consumed, the drug is known today to be used in the treatment of other complications like sinusitis, pre-menstrual period and arthritis. Today in the market there is the presence of the oral form which is ingested and as usual only sold on the basis of presentation of a marijuana medicinal card (Eidelman & Voth 74). In spite of this fact, marijuana will never be placed into consideration for use in the current medical profession as a first line drug. There are a lot of conditions which have an effect on nearly all people in their daily life which could be treated using marijuana, but very few warrant the use of this drug because there are other alternatives which work.

In general, the use of marijuana has many positive sides as opposed to the notion of those who are fighting its legalization. Medical marijuana is very helpful and has successfully helped many patients to relieve pain. More so those who use it do so at their own wills and their decision has to be respected with no interference (Eidelman & Voth 75). The side effects of marijuana are very manageable, and it can be used for relaxing purposes. Conversely, some people are greatly opposing the legalization of the drug because the associate it with physical and brain damage. These claims are yet to be substantiated and everyone has a right to make their own decisions and have to be accorded that liberty.

Legalizing Marijuana Use for Recreational Purposes. Custom Legalizing Marijuana Use for Recreational Purposes Essay Writing Service || Legalizing Marijuana Use for Recreational Purposes Essay samples, help

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