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Against Abortion Debate. Custom Against Abortion Debate Essay Writing Service || Against Abortion Debate Essay samples, help

Against Abortion Debate

Abortion has been a very controversial topic for a long time now. Questions regarding the legality of abortion have filled the literary domain for a long period (Evaline, 2003). The availability of birth control options serves to dismantle the legality aspects in the view of abortion. I believe that abortion should not be legalised. Instead, humans need to be convinced to pursue medically available options in order to preserve the ethical considerations (Evaline, 2003).  Available statics portray a relatively admirable success rate for the currently existing birth control option users. For instance, the utilization of birth control pills such as morning after sex pills have enabled the pregnancy rates to drop significantly.

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The fact that there are couples out there who are desperately looking for a child but are unable to do so due to their inability. Furthermore, the department of social services ascertains the ability of a new born to survive in its new family setting (Evaline, 2003). I therefore believe that abortion is unnecessary in the sense that a child can easily be given up using the available legal options.  Mothers unable to support their newly born babies should pursue available legal options instead of subjecting these children to inhumanly acts (Evaline, 2003). Adoption therefore provides the baby with a more feasible option by guaranteeing the child a better life.

Medical ethics postulate the manner in which medical professionals need to uphold the sanctity of human life in the course of their practice. I attended graduation ceremonies for medical doctors and seen the manner in which they swear to the Hippocratic Oath. How then do they get to be given the responsibility of taking away human life? It virtually goes against their already sworn oath and contravenes the basic necessity of promoting human life in all its aspects (Evaline, 2003).  The idea of abortion is therefore a misplaced one as it goes against the stipulated professional guidelines required for the medical professionals. Upholding professionalism in the medical field needs to be the focus for all practicing medical practitioners (Evaline, 2003). In fact, medical professionals need to be in the forefront in opposing this potentially harmful act that goes against their medical practice.

Pro Abortion Argument

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There are certain medical conditions in which the mother is at risk of dying if she proceeds with giving birth. Such kind of special conditions deserve to be considered in order to save a mother’s life (Passaris, 2008). Consider a scenario in which a newly married couple have just announced their having of a first child. Then later on the mother develops serious complications, after which the doctor advises her to abort the developing foetus. I strongly believe that the couple should be allowed to continue enjoying the new married life and matrimony (Passaris, 2008). The couple can still consult other available options in regard to suiting their personal life styles.

The aspect of population influx is very true in the current population setting. In as much as abortion may hold some illegal sentiments, there comes a time when the population needs to be checked.  Consider the constantly dropping living standards because of population influx.  A child deserves to be brought up in a well-organized family setting; a child needs food, clothing, education, and other necessities (Passaris, 2008). This forms the background of social services provision in a family setting. The family needs to consider the fact that if the children will not be brought up in an ambient environment they may end being social deviants. This tendency of bringing up children in improper settings without provisions leads to a the advancement of crime levels as a result of lack of sustenance and consistent deprivation. Abortion therefore will eliminate the potential of the unwanted newborns being brought into society (Passaris, 2008). I believe that this way , the society will be protected from potential effects resulting from the interplay of unwanted children and low social status.

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Children develop into adolescents as they slowly consummate their lives  in experimental love outcomes. Even the utilization of birth control methods like condoms have proven to bare significant failure levels (Passaris, 2008). For instance, the life of a woman can be very tormented whenever one gets pregnant and re unable to take up responsibility of raising a child. Consider the fact that when such an event happens the life of a young girl is bound to transform tremendously (Passaris, 2008). Should we allow the life and bright future of a young girl be limited by such mere misdeeds. Human nature is to error. To take such an error to completely disable one’s life and future is not in the best interest of human sanctity.  The man on the other side becomes eliminated from blame in a manner that allow him to progress with his life plans as normal (Passaris, 2008). This generates gender disparity and leads the emancipation of men’s lives at the expense of women’s life. The decision to abort therefore lies with the woman, and not the medical personnel nor the legal advocate.

Against Abortion Debate. Custom Against Abortion Debate Essay Writing Service || Against Abortion Debate Essay samples, help

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