Natural selection analysis

Natural selection is a process by which organisms adapts to their natural environment.  Human beings are unlike animals as far as the process of natural selection is concerned (McGinley, 2012). Technological advancement has to a small extent affected the process of natural selection. There has been advancement in technology but this has enhanced human survival as well as reducing the survival chances (Deacon, 2012). Whereas there has being major milestone in the field of medicine, the process of natural selection has not been affected. Babies who were born with limited chances of survival can now live, thanks to discovery of incubators.

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Despite these benefits, the same technology has been associated with development of various illnesses such as cancer (McGinley, 2012). This has left us with a balance in nature. Natural selection process has only been affected by technology to a small extent (Deacon, 2009). There are laws that prohibit killing of human beings but owing to technology, human beings are still dying through gun shots, bombing and other means. The fact that there is technology does not mean that anybody will be exempted from the process of natural selection (McGinley, 2012). Process of natural selection will continue.

There have been instances where man has changed his environment for example deforestation. This though has influenced the process of natural selection as the environment does change (McGinley, 2012). The presence of toxins that are as a result of environmental pollution has affected the genes make-up of some individuals. This has thus affected the process of natural selection to some extent (McGinley, 2012). There have been instances of mutation owing to environmental pollution. Though technology has a way of protecting human beings from danger, the same has the capacity to bring new dangers in return. To an extent to which technology is influence the process of natural selection is thus very small (Deacon, 2012).

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