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Palliative and End of Life Care. Custom Palliative and End of Life Care Essay Writing Service || Palliative and End of Life Care Essay samples, help

The palliative care is described as the area whereby, healthcare focuses on the relieving and the prevention of the suffering patients. Unlike the hospice care, the palliative medicine is seen as appropriate for the patients and the disease stages that include the ones undergoing treatment for the curable illnesses and the ones living with the diseases that are chronic. Furthermore, the patients nearing life end. On the other hand, chronic is defined as a long-term pain which is a great burden. However, when an individual has chronic pain and the depression, this burden increases. Depression will then magnify pain. This makes it more difficult in coping with the everyday living. Furthermore, depression and chronic pain are seen as inseparable. When an individual is given medication that is effective, and the psychotherapy, it assists with relieving of depression making the chronic pain to be a bit tolerable. 

MedlinePlus, Journal of Social Work in End-Of-Life & Palliative Care Volume 9, Issue 1, 2013

For most of the patients who are seriously ill, palliative and the hospice care offers more dignified and most comfortable spending alternative on the final months in impersonal hospital environment (MedlinePlus, 2013). Patient’s pain is always subdued with the palliative medicine and managed while the hospice is involved in special care thus improving the quality of life for both the family and the patient. When seeking palliative and hospice care, it is not about giving the hope up or neither hastens death, rather it is a way of acquiring the best and most appropriate care in last phase in life.

Life satisfaction in patients with chronic pain –relation to pain intensity, disability, and psychological factors. Stalnackle BM. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. 2011; 7683-689

Pain will provoke emotional response to an individual. When an individual has pain, the person will experience high agitation, irritability and anxiety (Stalnackle, 2011). They are termed as normal feelings when in pain, further, when it subdues, it also triggers stressful response. Nevertheless, the chronic pain a victim feels constantly stressed and tense. Over the time, there is constant stress resulting into very different problem emotionally that is associated with depression.

In conclusion, both diseases and conditions will not occur when there is proper care and preventive measures put in place.

Palliative and End of Life Care. Custom Palliative and End of Life Care Essay Writing Service || Palliative and End of Life Care Essay samples, help

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