Curbing Prescription Medication Abuse

Numerous strategies have been designed to reduce the probability of prescription medication abuse from taking place. However, regardless of the efficacy of the system established, there are still flaws that provide prescription drug users with a leeway to continue with their habitual tendencies. In order to reduce the probability of this from happening, there is need to seal some of these loopholes completely. This will entail implementing a tracking mechanism at the pharmacy level.

The tracking system will ensure that the medical prescription that was provided by the doctor is an appropriate one. The pharmacist will be required to confirm with the doctor regarding the last prescription that was given and whether it had been warranted for use by the intended patient. This tracking system will pursue an integrated approach such that previous records of similar drug prescription will be accessible. For example, the system will be able to tell the pharmacist that customer B had already received 5 prescriptions of drug A in the last few months.

Since the issue of privacy is taken seriously, for certain prescription drugs, the tracking system will effectively check the authenticity of the affected persons and this is where the coder and biller will come in. Previous incidents have occurred in which a patient successfully reproduced codes to exploit the system and there are cases in which insurance information of another patient is used (Johnson 3). To curb such cases, the tracking system needs to ensure that the coder affirms that the diagnosis code given on the prescription note is the right one. Hence, since there are high chances of impersonation occurring, the system should be able to detect identity theft. Finally, the biller should also be able to confirm that the details provided on the billing information are accurate through a follow up mechanism.



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