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Travel Security and Accommodation

National security and travel officers must understand the contemporary levels of threat as well as travel organizational susceptibility to threats before instituting the travel and security measures to be adopted.  As a result, implementation of standard security measures can be adopted to ensure the lowest possible threat is dealt with. (Care International, 2011). Travelers must adhere to the weight and size regulations set by their travelling mode so as not to be faced with unplanned security measures. While travelling, travelers must consider the types of overnight accommodations offered so as to make first hand reservations.

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Security and Safety Requirements of Travel

Security and safety requirements of travel include, proper cash handling and transfer mechanisms that ensures that the set policies are adhered to. Effective communication channels must be established to ensure reliable fast flow of information between the concerned parties. Fast reporting of security breach incidents and information on security can play a big role in protection of travelers from further security threats. Moreover, effective medical procedure must be followed to reduce cases of medical emergencies during travel (Care International, 2011).  During travel, travel officers must safely maintain personal documents used travel to ensure safety of other passengers. As a result, personal issues affecting travelers must be well handled.  Security briefing, orientation and management of security staff must be conducted to enable the security personnel to be able to detect and handle any forms of security breach.

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Federal detectives allow passengers to carry a maximum of two bags during air travel (Ryanair, 2011). Travelers who carry excess luggage must meet the costs of carrying excess luggage. Travel agents my refuse to carry certain items due to their heavy weight or may specify the cost to be incurred in carrying such heavy weight. Some travel agents require the travelers to collect their luggage at the arrival of their destination. Storage services may be offered for a period of time while others may charge for the storage of luggage after arrival.

Types of Overnight Travel Accommodations.

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Overnight accommodations differ from other forms of accommodations as it is mainly one night rest from the tedious travel.  Hotel room accommodation is suitable for passing travelers who only seek bed for the overnight rest (BSC, 2011). Motel accommodation is suitable for car travelers who seek overnight accommodations as well as dinning facilities. Caravan park accommodation is best suited for holiday destination travelers seeking fun and experience.

Conclusively travelers and travel security agents must familiarize themselves with travel security measures so as to effectively handle any security threats. As a result, implementation of standard security measures can be adopted to ensure the lowest possible threat is dealt with. Besides, travelers must adhere to the luggage travel requirements to avoid security measures from being taken against them. 

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